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NBA: 121 of 176 wins. 97 of 176 spreads.
Overall: 145 of 214 wins. 117 of 214 spreads.

It’s Los Laaaaaakers, the LA Los Laaaakers. I’m just kidding, but it shocked me a little bit to see ‘Los’ above Lakers last night on their jerseys against Memphis. I didn’t see their game against Golden State, where apparently they wore the same jerseys. I think it’s interesting to say the least. I’m not for or against them. Anyways, I disappeared for a bit. I took a vacation for the weekend and I’m doing the same this weekend so… sorry to my faithful readers reader. We’ll dialogue. The last day I picked recap:

  • I thought the Cav’s would beat the Rockets, but they didn’t, oh well.
  • I knew the Lakers would kill the Cav’s and put up my pick before lines went up. They won by 26. do you think they covered?

Overall, I was 1 for 2 on win picks and 1 for 2 on spread picks. It’s hard with a game like Rockets/Cav’s. Oh well. This is a quick version of today’s picks:


Milwaukee Bucks vs. Cleveland Cavaliers (-13½)

Boston Celtics (-7½) vs. New Jersey Nets

Atlanta Hawks (-1) vs. New York Knicks

Phoenix Suns vs. Miami Heat (-3)

Washington Wizards vs. Oklahoma City Thunder (-5)

Golden State Warriors vs. Chicago Bulls (-7½)

San Antonio Spurs (+3) vs. Dallas Mavericks

Houston Rockets vs. Utah Jazz (-8½)

Indiana Paces vs. Portland Trail Blazers (-10)

Memphis Grizzlies vs. Los Angeles Clippers (-2)


NBA: 120 of 174 wins. 96 of 174 spreads.
Overall: 144 of 212 wins. 116 of 212 spreads.

The Clippers beat the Celtics. Take a second to let that sink in… Yesterday’s recap:

  • Pacers won.
  • The 76ers won and covered against the craptastic Wizards.
  • I wanted the underdog Bulls to beat the Nets, but the Nets won.
  • The Magic won and covered.
  • The Hornets beat the Pistons by 3, winning but not covering the spread.
  • I called that the Jazz would win, but Timberwolves would stay within 7½. The Jazz won by 17.
  • The Spurs destroyed the Trail Blazers.
  • Ditto. Mavericks destroyed the Bucks.
  • The Nuggets baaaarely beat the Hawks.
  • In crap vs. crap I picked the Bobcats and they won.
  • Holy. Hell. The Celtics lost to the Clippers. For shame.

Overall, I was 9 for 11 on win picks and 7 for 11 on spread picks. Not bad again. Today’s picks:


Cleveland Cavaliers (-4) vs. Houston Rockets

Both of these teams are doing really well lately. Both are on at least 5 game winning streaks. Houston is at home, but the Cavaliers are arguably the best or second best team in the league. I think Cleveland wins this and covers.

Phoenix Suns vs. Los Angeles Lakers (pick)

Again, both teams are pretty damn good, but one of them is pretty much the best team in the league and at home. Lakers win.

NBA: 111 of 163 wins. 89 of 163 spreads.
Overall: 135 of 201 wins. 109 of 201 spreads.

Wow, so the past two days my picks have been pretty dead on. Yesterday I missed the Magic losing to the Bulls (tell me you would have picked that happening) and the Rockets not covering the spread by ½ a point. That’s it in 8 games. Yesterday’s recap:

  • Cleveland won and covered a 14 point spread… winning by 15 haha.
  • The Raptors beat the T-Wolves by 8 against a 6½ point spread. I said they would win and cover, but that the pick was scary. Pretty exact.
  • The Heat won and covered against the Pistons.
  • The Lakers won and covered against the OKC city league softball team.
  • Wow, the Magic got destroyed by the Bulls. Crazy.
  • The Rockets beat the Trail Blazers by 4 on a 4½ point spread. Grr ½ point. You lost me a spread pick.
  • The Spurs won and covered against the Mavericks.
  • Phoneix beat Charlotte by 10 on a 6½ point spread. I’m still confused why that spread was set so low… any answers?

Overall, I was 7 for 8 on win picks and 6 for 8 on spreads. Keep the good pick days coming! Today’s picks:


Memphis Grizzlies vs. Indiana Pacers (Pick)

Pacers win.

Philadelphia 76ers (-4½) vs. Washington Wizards

76ers are better and win, even with a crappy road record.

Chicago Bulls (+1½) vs. New Jersey Nets

The Bulls just beat the Magic. While they have a pretty bad road record, if there was ever a time to feel confident for them, it’s now. Bulls win.

Orlando Magic (-3) vs. New York Knicks

Shake it off Magic. You’re still in the Top 4 teams in the league. Before yesterday I would have said this is the best pick of the day, but I don’t know. Losing to the Bulls by almost 20? That’s uncalled for. I still pick the Magic to win because they can and should.

Detroit Pistons vs. New Orleans Hornets (-8½)

Wow Detroit. This is just getting pathetic. How many games in a row can one team lose? Especially a team that was +.500 until recently. The answer, is as many as you already have, plus this one. Hornets win and cover.

Utah Jazz vs. Minnesota Timberwolves (+7½)

I will go out on a limb and say that Minnesota stays within 7½, but the Jazz win. This is only because Utah has a recently horrible road record. Who knows though, this pick scares me and seems like it should go the other way, but I have a weird feeling.

Portland Trail Blazers vs. San Antonio Spurs (Pick)

There’s no line up yet, but the Spurs should win this.

Milwaukee Bucks vs. Dallas Mavericks (-7½)

Mavericks win.

Atlanta Hawks vs. Denver Nuggets (Pick)

Denver has an amazing home record and the Hawks are spotty. Denver wins.

Charlotte Bobcats (-3) vs. Sacramento Kings

In crap vs. crap it’s the Kings against the Bobcats. Bobcats win? Who knows.

Boston Celtics (Pick) vs. Los Angeles Clippers

Ah, hahahaha. Celtics win, no contest.

NBA: 104 of 154 wins. 83 of 155 spreads.
Overall: 128 of 190 wins. 102 of 190 spreads.

Wow, I actually watched the Oscars a little bit and to be honest they were really good and inspiring… alright that’s enough of that bullshit. The Oscars were the same ass-sniffing festival that they always were and Hugh Jackman looked like a giant sellout wearing a top hat and singing show tunes. Anyways, yesterday’s recap:

  • The Heat won and covered against the 76ers.
  • Hey, the Spurs pulled one out the right way for once. Congratulations on beating one of the worst teams in the league.
  • The Mavericks won and covered a 13 point spread. Sorry Kings fans. You do realize that they aren’t the Lakers, right? They have the purple, but no gold. It’s confusing, I know.
  • I picked the Hornets to stay within 8, but the Jazz to win. The Jazz won and covered the spread, so I lost the spread pick.
  • Golden State won and covered against the Thunder.
  • Slumdog Musical 3: The Search for Curly’s Gold won Best Picture. Picked it and I hate the fact that that was an easy one.
  • Hey, the director of Slumdog’s Family Reunion won Best Director…
  • God damn Mickey Rourke, the only top pick that I wanted to win lost to Sean Penn. I didn’t see Milk yet, so I can’t say if he is good in it or not, but damnit it was Roarke’s time. Oh well, he’s back from the dead at least.
  • Gah, the only two picks I got wrong were Best Actor and Actress. I thought I would underdog one pick and Meryl Streep as an underdog is a decent enough pick. She lost to Kate Winslett though, the shoe-in pick.
  • Heath Ledger’s family won the Heath Ledger award.
  • Penelope won the best chest in south beach contest… or Best Supporting Actress (Hey-O!).

In the NBA, I was 5 for 5 on win picks and 4 for 5 on spreads. Overall, I was 9 for 11 on win picks and 8 for 11 on spreads (adding Oscars to spreads because otherwise totals get messed up). I’m pretty happy with those picks. Let’s keep these going. Today’s picks:


Memphis Grizzlies vs. Cleveland Cavaliers (-14)

There are giant lines sometimes, but the Cavaliers win by this much on a regular basis against better teams. Cleveland wins and covers.

Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Toronto Raptors (-6½)

Both of these teams are mediocre/crap. The Raptors are at home, so they get the edge. This is definitely not a solid pick though.

Detroit Pistons vs. Miami Heat (-4½)

The Pistons have lost five in a row and the Heat are spotty as Hell. Again, they’re at home and I have to give them the advantage.

Los Angeles Lakers (-8½) vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

LA wins. OKC is terrible.

Orlando Magic (-3) vs. Chicago Bulls

With a line of only 3 I have to give this to Orlando.

Portland Trail Blazers vs. Houston Rockets (-4½)

This is one of the two games of the day. These two teams are virtually equal skill-wise. The edge goes to the Rockets though, for having a 22-6 home record as opposed to the 12-15 away record of the Trail Blazers.

Dallas Mavericks vs. San Antonio Spurs (-4)

This is game two of the games to watch today. The Spurs should take it, but the Mavericks are a pretty damn good team.

Charlotte Bobcats vs. Phoenix Suns (-6½)

Really, only 6½? Phoenix should easily cover this unless I’m missing something.

NBA: 99 of 149 wins. 79 of 149 spreads.
Overall: 119 of 179 wins. 94 of 179 spreads.

Did anyone see LeBron pull those ridiculous 3’s? It reminds me of a certain player a few years ago that everyone said was being a ball hog and taking too many contested shots, but still managed to pull giant games. Oh ya, Kobe did that. Only he was more hated than LeBron has ever been for some reason. I won’t take it away from LeBron though, he was epic last night. In other news, the Suns scored 140 for the 3rd game in a row and the Lakers/Hornets game was epic. Yesterday’s recap:

  • The Magic destroyed the Bobcats. I’m not sure what I was worried about with that pick.
  • I hate the Knicks, but decided that they could beat the Raptors at home. They did by 30.
  • The Pacers were a 3 point underdog. I picked them and they won. Woo!
  • Wow, the Kings with their brand new team of Sacramentians beat the Timberwolves. The T-Wolves are no prize pony, but I figured the Kings might take a game or two to even realize they were playing for one of the “other California teams.”
  • The Nets lost to the Wizards at home. Interesting. Not my pick, but the Nets suck worse than their record suggests.
  • The Rockets/Mavericks game was a good one. It came down to the wire, but the Rockets pulled it out and covered.
  • The Cav’s won by 8 and baaaarely covered the 7½ point spread. That’s where I see the difference with LeBron/Kobe. If Kobe gets 50 the Lakers win by 20. The Cav’s won by 8. I like LeBron, but he has a ways to go yet.
  • Really? The Bulls beat the Nuggets? Every time I have a pick I think is a lock lately it ends up busting. Gah.
  • The Suns scored 140 again. Do you think that they won and covered?
  • The Trail Blazers beat the Hawks by 10. Picked it. The Hawks are rubbish this year.
  • The Lakers won by 4 in overtime. I was really questionable on this pick and at different points in the game the Lakers were covering, not covering, and losing. Oh well, I got the win pick, but not the spread.

Overall, I was 8 for 11 on win picks and 7 for 11 on spread picks. Oh, and special site news / girly running around the house: it’s OSCAR TIME! Really, I hate the idea and the movies that should have made it didn’t get nods in general. But, I figured I’d pad my stats with the good ‘ol dead actor pick. Today’s picks, inculding the Oscars:


Philadelphia 76ers vs. Miami Heat (-4)

The Heat are better and at home.

San Antonio Spurs (-7½) vs. Washington Wizards

I swear if I get one more Spurs pick wrong…

Sacramento Kings vs. Dallas Mavericks (-13)

I stayed up last night waiting to see this line and it never came. Wow. 13 is big. But, the Mavericks did this very thing to the Kings three games ago. Mav’s win and cover.

New Orleans Hornets (+8) vs. Utah Jazz

The Hornets pulled through and almost beat the Lakers at home. Who says that they can’t against the Jazz? The Jazz are really good at home, but I still pick the Hornets to stay within 8. I’ll give the win to the Jazz, however.

Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Golden State Warriors (-7½)

Golden State is really good at home and the Thunder… are too easy to make jokes about. Golden State wins/covers.

The Oscars

Best Film

  • Slumdog Millionaire – 1/8
  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – 7/1
  • Milk – 12/1
  • Frost / Nixon – 30/1
  • The Reader – 20/1

Dare I say Frost/Nixon wins? I dare not. I haven’t seen it or any of these movies except Benjamin Button. I’d like to say that any of the rest have a chance, but they really don’t. Button is the only one with a correctly pronounced “nuclear” in a George Bush speech’s chance to take on Slumdog. Honestly, though it’s a no brainer. Slumdog Musical 3 wins. F- you Hollywood. I disagree, but know how you vote.

Best Director

  • Danny Boyle – 1/11
  • David Fincher – 8/1
  • Ron Howard – 25/1
  • Gus Van Sant – 22/1
  • Stephen Daldry – 35/1

Is there any way this jackass isn’t winning? No, no there isn’t. If David Fincher wins I will shit myself with joy. But, he won’t. Gus Van Sant would be amazing as well, but it’s not happening. Singing/dancing crapfest “cultural” movie will win. Give a Bat or a Wrestler or a Gay Politician or a backwards aging guy movie the award. Fuckers.

Best Actor

  • Mickey Rourke – 10/21
  • Sean Penn – 19/10
  • Frank Langella – 13/1
  • Brad Pitt – 20/1
  • Richard Jenkins – 40/1

The only doubt in this is Sean Penn. Hollywood loves to promote their openness to homosexuality, while blatantly being homophobes for the most part. But, there is way too much hype around Mickey Rourke to win this. This is my tentative pick so far as I think Mickey will finally achieve this honor, although I would be stoke for him, Penn, or Pitt to win this.

Best Actress

  • Kate Winslet – 1/3
  • Anne Hathaway – 7/1
  • Meryl Streep – 7/2
  • Angelina Jolie – 25/1
  • Melissa Leo – 35/1

And the winner for hottest piece of ass goes to Angelina Jolie. Oh, this is the opposite of that? Meryl Streep FTW! I’m not even sure how Anne Hathaway got into a role that got a nod with the shit movies she’s been in. I hope Streep gets this because she’s a damn good actress and Anne Hathaway is in Bride Wars. Enough said.

Best Supporting Actor

*Also known as the Heath Ledger award this year.

  • Heath Ledger – 1/40
  • Philip Seymour Hoffman – 20/1
  • Josh Brolin – 40/1
  • Someone else who was nominated? – 55/1
  • Really? 5 picks? – 40/1

Um, Hollywood loves dead guys. Heath fucking blew minds with this role and will deeeefinitely win this award. The sad thing is, he might not have won this without dying. I would have given it to him because this was one of the best roles I have ever seen on film, but the Academy would have most likely hit Hoffman or Brolin up if not. But, he died and he wins. I hate you Hollywood. Reward the great actors WHEN THEY’RE ALIVE so that they’ll keep taking on these great roles and producing quality work.

Best Supporting Actress

  • Penelope Cruz – 5/8
  • Marisa Tomei – 32/5
  • Viola Davis – 7/2
  • Taraji P Henson – 11/4
  • Amy Adams – 9/2

This is the “I don’t care” category. Marissa Tomei is hot as Hell for her age and plays a stripper, but she won’t win. I don’t even care, Penelope wins. I pick her for boobage. This blog brought to you by my junior high self.

NBA: 91 of 138 wins. 72 of 138 spreads.
Overall: 111 of 168 wins. 87 of 168 spreads.

Wow. Both games were exactly what I thought they would be, grudge matches. The Pistons absolutely wanted to give the Spurs their third loss in a row. The Jazz were determined to finish out the weird string of Celtic losses that follows every time the Lakers beat Boston. Spoiler alert: fans were not cheering like this guy in Boston after the game (that link is one of the most awesome things I’ve seen in a while by the way). Yesterday’s recap:

  • Gah, the Spurs and proving me wrong 3 times in a row. This game bounced back and forth. AI tried his hardest, but in the end a few key plays gave the win to the Spurs. I picked the Pistons.
  • Almost the same exact thing happened between Utah and Boston, except I picked the winning team in this one. Utah ended up staying on top against Boston. I can’t believe I picked two games yesterday, picked against both teams that are top 5 ranked, and managed to survive. I hope KG is alright… he’s on my fantasy team.

Speaking of which, so was T-Mac. That ass-hat. Maybe you should tell your team that you’re having surgery a little bit further away from trade deadline day. Oh well. Overall, I was 1 for 2 in win picks and 1 for 2 on spreads. I’ll take that on a day with two of the toughest games I’ve seen in a while. Today’s picks:


Orlando Magic (-2½) vs. Charlotte Bobcats

The Magic have gotten spotty as Hell in their last few games. They only beat Charlotte at home by 5 a few games ago. Even so, I still think that the Magic win this.

Toronto Raptors vs. New York Knicks (-3½)

How do you pick a team that beat San Antonio and lost to the Clippers in their last two games? You throw your hands up in the air and say, “I don’t know what the fuck is happening anymore.” Then you feel a little piece of you die inside as you pick the Knicks to win a game.

Indiana Pacers (+3) vs. Minnesota Timberwolves

Both teams are spotty. The T-Wolves have no discernible home winning record. I’ll pick the Pacers. Really, both of these teams are random.

Sacramento Kings vs. Memphis Grizzlies (-6)

Um, the Kings were shit, but they apparently have an entirely new roster as of the last two days. The picked up 9 new players, traded away 5, and waived 1. Who knows how they’ll be down the stretch this year. One thing is for sure though, they will have absolutely no cohesiveness tonight. Memphis wins.

Washington Wizards vs. New Jersey Nets

I hate the Nets, but they win this. There is no line currently up.

Dallas Mavericks vs. Houston Rockets (-3)

The Rockets have an impressive home record, as well as a starter that magically is getting knee surgery right before the trade deadline. I think they win this, but both teams are pretty equal.

Cleveland Cavaliers (-7½) vs. Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks are spotty and the Cav’s aren’t. The Cav’s have trouble with spreads sometimes, but I’ll give this to them anyways.

Denver Nuggets (-3) vs. Chicago Bulls

The Nuggets have a really good traveling record, as well as recent wins against Orlando and Miami in their respective cities. The Bulls have a decent home record, but nothing to brag about against a much better team overall. Nuggets win.

Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Phoenix Suns (-9)

The lines closed on this game. OKC is terrible and the Suns are spotty. But, the Suns win this and cover.

Atlanta Hawks vs. Portland Trail Blazers (-4½)

I’m really wary on this pick. The Trail Blazers have not been winning by a lot at home lately. They have a good record, but not against the spread. I’ll pick them because both teams are spotty and when in doubt, go with the home team with the slightly better record.

New Orleans Hornets vs. Los Angeles Lakers (-8½)

God, that’s a big line against a New Orleans team with CP3 back in the lineup. I know LA is at home, but I feel like the Lakers always have the biggest battle against the spread. I’ll give this to the Lakers because they either blow a game out or every once in a while it stays close and gets interesting, but more often than not they win (44-10 anyone?).

NBA: 90 of 136 wins. 71 of 136 spreads.
Overall: 110 of 166 wins. 86 of 166 spreads.

Sorry, I was busy yesterday and took off before any lines went up. All three of you that read this are heartbroken I’m sure. Ok two. Ok sorry mom. I’ll try not to miss another day for my own sake. And for anyone who didn’t see the Lakers game yesterday, their new player Shannon Brown had one of the biggest blocks I’ve ever seen and was somehow called for a foul. I don’t care, that block was gigantic. Welcome to the Lakers. On that note, here’s a recap of the post from two days ago:

  • The Pacers beat the 76ers. I didn’t like this pick, but picked it anyways and only because they have a weird home record.
  • The Magic won, but didn’t cover. They even went to OT with Charlotte. Really?
  • The Wizards beat the Timberwolves. I can’t believe that, but they were favored so I guess I picked an underdog that was so for a good reason.
  • The Bucks beat the Pistons. I didn’t pick that.
  • Oh Lord, the Spurs failed me again. They should have easily beaten the Knicks, but instead lost by 5 in OT. For shame.
  • The Hornets beat the Thunder by 2 on a spread of 3½. That is terrible after such a dominant first quarter lead. They won, but didn’t cover.
  • The spotty Rockets killed the Nets. Picked it.
  • Um, the Suns covered against the Clippers. They won… by 40.
  • The Jazz won and covered an 11 point spread. Nice.
  • The Lakers won and covered an 8 point spread. Nice as well.

Overall I was 7 for 10 on win picks and 5 for 10 on spreads. I feel like the last 4 games were all easy picks and the first 6 were brutal. Oh well. Today’s picks:


San Antonio Spurs vs. Detroit Pistons (-1)

For the first and probably only time, I will pick against two of the top five teams in the league. This may bite me in the ass, but the Spurs have let me down twice in a row. Pistons win.

Boston Celtics vs. Utah Jazz (+2½)

Basically, this line says that the Jazz will win or cover. I know, it sounds crazy to bet against the Celtics, but they have been on tilt lately and the Jazz are pretty dominant at home, let alone recently beating the Lakers. Both of these picks are tough and could go either way, but I really think that the Celtics could have one more loss in them before they get back on track from their second loss to the Lakers.

NBA: 83 of 126 wins. 66 of 126 spreads.
Overall: 103 of 156 wins. 81 of 156 spreads.

So, the All Star break is over and I’m back. I didn’t feel like picking on the All Star weekend because it’s all speculative and none of the players really try all that hard in my opinion. However, my guess was honestly the West and Kobe for MVP if Phil let him play. Both were right, but I won’t claim them as picks because I didn’t really feel like picking. It was really cool to see Kobe and Shaq play so well together again and get co-MVP’s, but it left me thinking the same thing as Phil Jackson: “I’ve never heard of a player getting MVP after being in for only 11 minutes.” Seemed a little odd, but good for Shaq nonetheless. That guy was awesome in his day and deserves to go out his way, with a little flair.

In site news, I’m going to try Josh’s formatting style and see how I like it. So, instead of just putting up the line on the team names, I’ll put the spread on my pick’s side, + or -. Hopefully, that’s not too confusing. Today’s picks:


Philadelphia 76ers vs. Indiana Pacers (-2½)

The 76ers are a better team overall. The Pacers just beat Orlando and Cleveland at home, but then lost to the Bucks, Wizards, and this same 76ers team on the road. That is a spotty record if I’ve ever seen one. I’ll go with the Pacers at home because apparently they know something that I don’t. It’s like Golden State’s home record. Seriously?

Charlotte Bobcats vs. Orlando Magic (-8½)

The Magic are amazing even without Jameer Nelson. The Bobcats are streaking, but I don’t see them getting past Orlando.

Minnesota Timberwolves (+2½) vs. Washington Wizards

The Wizards are favored because they’re at home, but that’s no excuse for being one of the worst teams in the league. The Timberwolves had gone on a decent little winning streak before losing their last four and I think it’s time that they get back to winning a few, at least against crappier teams.

Milwaukee Bucks vs. Detroit Pistons (-6½)

The Piston beat the Bucks in Milwaukee a few games ago and now they’re at home. Pistons win and cover.

San Antonio Spurs (-4½) vs. New York Knicks

Ah, dare I say this again after the Spurs screwed me last time? This is my golden pick of the day. The Spurs should absolutely win this. They beat Boston in Boston and Golden State at home. Those are supposed to be two of the toughest road games for a team. The Knicks, on the other hand, are the team to set all-time records against this year.

New Orleans Hornets (-3½) vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

CP3 is back. OKC sucks. Hornets win.

New Jersey Nets vs. Houston Rockets (-6½)

The Rockets have won their last 3 at home. Both teams are spotty, but I’m guessing that the Rockets will be alright, even though their center started in the All Star game and somehow his backup got co-MVP. Crazy.

Los Angeles Clippers vs. Phoenix Suns (-8)

The Clippers have won a few recently, but they’re still terrible. The Suns still have Amare last I checked and apparently an All Star game MVP. The Suns win and cover at home.

Memphis Grizzlies vs. Utah Jazz (-11)

That’s a big spread, but the Jazz win at home. The Grizzlies are spotty and the Jazz kill it at home. This one should happen, even with an 11 point spread.

Atlanta Hawks vs. Los Angeles Lakers (-8½)

Remember that time when the Lakers were the best team in the NBA? Oh ya, that’s still happening. The Hawks are spottier than ever and lost to the Clippers at home by 24 a few games ago. Lakers win and cover.

NBA: 83 of 126 wins. 66 of 126 spreads.
Overall: 103 of 156 wins. 81 of 156 spreads.

Yesterday’s recap:

  • I thought that the 76ers would crush the Grizzlies. They won, but only by 4.
  • I assumed that the Magic would destroy yesterday and they actually lost for once. The Nuggets are a damn good team though, so if they had to at least it was respectable.
  • In crap vs. crap I picked the Bobcats to destroy the Wizards and they did. Woo.
  • The Cavaliers won and definitely covered against the Suns.
  • My given win of the day ended up losing by 2. Boo Spurs for making me look bad.
  • The Pistons lost by 4 to the Hawks. I’m not sure what AI’s status was because I didn’t watch the game, but I picked the Pistons to win and I have to live with that.
  • The Bucks won and covered against the Pacers.
  • My “Celtics win.” pick was right. They demolished the Hornets.
  • The Rockets beat the Kings by 12 on a 14 point spread (that later dropped to 13½). Luckily, I didn’t trust that game, but I lost my spread pick on the game by 2 points. Close one.
  • I knew the Lakers would be tired, Kobe was sick, and the Jazz are good at home. However, I thought they could win. They were basically handed the damn game around 4 times in the 4th quarter and they couldn’t capitalize, even when Utah decided that made free throws were for chumps in the 4th quarter.
  • The Trail Blazers won and covered a 12 point spread. Nice.
  • I picked the Knicks to beat the Clippers as underdogs. They tied, went to overtime and lost by 4 on a 5 point spread. I lost the win pick, but got the spread pick.

Overall, I was 7 of 12 on win picks and 5 for 12 on spreads. In site news, I’m taking a day break on picks today and letting Josh from my other blog, A Fifth of Vapor, take over picks for the day. I’m not adding his to my running tally because they aren’t mine and frankly, glancing at them is confusing to me. Different formatting. Whatever, decipher them as you will. Here’s Josh:

So Kobe pulled out Sam Cassell’s “I’ve Got Big Cajones” dance last night against the Jazz again, and the Lakers ended up losing. This is funny because the same exact thing happened earlier in the year against the Spurs, with Roger Mason hitting a three point play to crush the Lakers in San Antonio. The Lakers are now 0-and-2 when Kobe pulls out the cajones dance. Maybe he should just keep it in his pants. Also, I can’t believe nobody remembers or mentions where this dance is from… the movie Major League! You got no marbles!

With that said… I am taking over the picks today and putting my “support” where my mouth is, with six picks. It’s a slow day for NBA games as most teams have already packed it in for the All Star Break, but there are six lucky teams that get to play today. Also, I picked some college games that I have some interest in. All my picks are based on the spread.


Miami Heat vs. Chicago Bulls (-4)

Dare I say Chicago is getting all their young talent playing more and more to their potential every night? Plus, I have to include a home team in these three picks. Bulls cover.

Boston Celtics (-3½) vs. Dallas Mavericks

This Mavs team has to realize there is a very realistic chance they will be the nine seed in the West at the end of the year. That kids, is not good enough to make the playoffs. Could their inconsistencies stem from having that reality breathing down their necks? With that said, PP, KG and Jesus will not let the Celtics lose going into the break, so I’m taking them to win and cover.

Portland Trailblazers (+3½) vs. Golden State Warriors

It took the Blazers a buzzer beater to beat a Knicks team at home that the Warriors just blew out on their own home floor. And you know what?… I don’t give a crap, it’s the Knicks, which pretty much throws that whole common opponent argument out the window. I think Biedrins’ absence in this game is huge and the Blazers end up winning. Well, unless Corey Maggette can get away with this again.


UCLA Bruins (-1½) vs. Arizona State Sun Devils

UCLA forgot how to shoot down the stretch last time these two teams played. Their offense has grown a bunch since then, so I pick UCLA to wash the stink away from the last time these two teams played with a win and cover.

USC Trojans vs. Arizona Wildcats (-2½)

Arizona is coming on strong in league play and I expect them to win and cover this.

Louisville Cardinals vs. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (+3½)

Notre Dame needs this game.. bad.. so I like their chances at home.

NBA: 76 of 114 wins. 61 of 114 spreads.
Overall: 96 of 144 wins. 76 of 144 spreads.

Thank whatever deity you feel like for today, I needed a day of mostly wins after yesterday’s travesty of picks. Granted, there were only 4 NBA picks and I got my 2 NCAA win picks right, but a day like today shows that I’m not completely on the wrong track. Jokes about me… in the comments haha. Yesterday’s recap:

  • The Hawks won and covered a hefty margin. I made the pick with no line up, because I had to leave before noon. I actually had something to do, crazy I know. They covered well over the line that ended betting, so I consider that a right pick.
  • Wow, the Pacers beat the Cavaliers? Crazy world. I didn’t see that happening.
  • I said it yesterday and I’ll say it today, the spread on the Nuggets was -1 against the Heat? The Heat are falling fast and proved it today, losing by well over that gargantuan… -1 line, 17 in fact.
  • Well, the Spurs remembered how they played in Boston and decimated the Nets as predicted.
  • The Raptors beat the Timberwolves and covered.
  • The Mavericks beat the Kings and covered.
  • The Bulls apparently beat the Pistons. I wasn’t too sure on this game, but I really thought that the Pistons would take it.
  • I was a little worried on the 13 point spread on the Lakers/Thunder game, but I went with the Lakers covering it anyways. It came down to the final minutes and the Lakers ended up not covering, but obviously still winning.
  • Solely due to their weird home game record, I picked Golden State to beat a team that technically should be superior… and they won… by 17. Apparently the defense didn’t show up in time for the game, as the final total score was 271. Think they beat the over?
  • I will always love when I get a pick perfectly right and remind you every time I do. I picked Minnesota to beat Indiana, but not blow them out with a hefty 17 point spread. They beat them by 8. Perfect.
  • Michigan State beat Michigan and covered, as expected.
  • In an NBA scoring game, I picked Villanova to beat Marquette and cover. They won by 18.
  • I picked Clemson to beat Boston College and cover and I was a little worried on the pick. They won… and covered. This was a good day overall.

In the NBA, I was 7 of 9 for win picks and 6 for 9 on spreads. Overall, I was 11 for 13 for win picks and 10 for 13 on spreads. Not a shabby day after a horrible one and a couple of others that weren’t the greatest. I feel a little bit back on track, although slightly bummed that the only spread that I got wrong on a game I got right was the Lakers. Oh well, a W is a W on the road to the title. Today’s picks:


Memphis Grizzlies vs. Philadelphia 76ers (-11)

I’m assuming the 76ers win this. As for the spread, that’s a mighty number to overtake, but I think they can do it.

Denver Nuggets vs. Orlando Magic (-7½)

The Nuggets are a damn good team, but the Magic are better, at home, and aren’t the team that lost by 44 in New Jersey two games ago. Magic win and cover.

Washington Wizards vs. Charlotte Bobcats (-8)

Crap vs. crap again. The Bobcats are the better crap team and they’re at home. I pick them to win and cover, but who ever really knows when two horrible teams get together. Let’s all agree to watch high school golf highlights before we watch this.

Phoenix Suns vs. Cleveland Cavaliers (-8)

Cleveland is absolutely fuming right now, after not getting their point guard into the all-stars, then losing to the Lakers and Pacers (seriously, the Pacers?). They’re also playing at home where they are still 23-1 for the season. Let’s see how they play at home in their first game since their winning streak there was snapped. Cleveland wins and covers.

San Antonio Spurs (-7) vs. Toronto Raptors

This is my hand-picked given win of the day if there is one. Spurs win and cover.

Atlanta Hawks vs. Detroit Pistons

AI is questionable for today’s game and that to me is the swing factor of this whole game. Both teams are equally middle of the road. The Pistons have a better record, but have been struggling lately on defense. The Hawks seem to be trying to swing momentum their way, even though they are spotty as Hell. I’ll give this to the Pistons, as I don’t know what AI’s status is yet, but if he isn’t playing look for this to be a close game.

Indiana Pacers vs. Milwaukee Bucks (-5)

Both of these teams are absolutely random. The Pacers beat the Cavaliers and the Magic, but lost to the Wizards, 76ers, and Timberwolves. The Bucks beat the Rockets, Hawks, and Raptors, but lost to the Pistons and Nets. Really? The Bucks are at home and slightly better ranked, so I’ll give them the win, but whoever decides to play like they’re against a better team will probably win this.

Boston Celtics vs. New Orleans Hornets

Celtics… win. I don’t know what the spread is yet, but I’m guessing they win this by a lot.

Sacramento Kings vs. Houston Rockets (-14)

That is a giant spread. Rockets obviously win, but the spread is troublesome. I’ll tentatively say that the Rockets cover it, but who knows.

Los Angeles Lakers (-1) vs. Utah Jazz

The Lakers are absolutely worn out after that road trip, Kobe being sick, and playing without a true center. That being said the Jazz are really good at home. I’ll give this one to the Lakers though, let’s make it an 8-0 run.

Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Portland Trail Blazers (-12)

Yes, Oklahoma City beat Portland a few games ago, in Oklahoma City. That and them being on of the spottiest crap teams around has me a little worried, but I still pick the Trail Blazers to win and tentatively cover.

New York Knicks vs. Los Angeles Clippers (-5)

It’s really odd to me seeing the Clippers considered the favorites in a contest. The Knicks really aren’t that bad are they? Yes, they’ve lost 5 in a row. That was also to legendary games by Kobe and LeBron, as well as the Celtics, Trail Blazers, and Golden State’s random mythical home record. I pick the Knicks to win a game because it’s about damn time and the Clippers can manage a horrible performance anywhere they go.

*I got a late start and there are too many NBA picks today, so no NCAA.