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NBA: 99 of 149 wins. 79 of 149 spreads.
Overall: 119 of 179 wins. 94 of 179 spreads.

Did anyone see LeBron pull those ridiculous 3’s? It reminds me of a certain player a few years ago that everyone said was being a ball hog and taking too many contested shots, but still managed to pull giant games. Oh ya, Kobe did that. Only he was more hated than LeBron has ever been for some reason. I won’t take it away from LeBron though, he was epic last night. In other news, the Suns scored 140 for the 3rd game in a row and the Lakers/Hornets game was epic. Yesterday’s recap:

  • The Magic destroyed the Bobcats. I’m not sure what I was worried about with that pick.
  • I hate the Knicks, but decided that they could beat the Raptors at home. They did by 30.
  • The Pacers were a 3 point underdog. I picked them and they won. Woo!
  • Wow, the Kings with their brand new team of Sacramentians beat the Timberwolves. The T-Wolves are no prize pony, but I figured the Kings might take a game or two to even realize they were playing for one of the “other California teams.”
  • The Nets lost to the Wizards at home. Interesting. Not my pick, but the Nets suck worse than their record suggests.
  • The Rockets/Mavericks game was a good one. It came down to the wire, but the Rockets pulled it out and covered.
  • The Cav’s won by 8 and baaaarely covered the 7½ point spread. That’s where I see the difference with LeBron/Kobe. If Kobe gets 50 the Lakers win by 20. The Cav’s won by 8. I like LeBron, but he has a ways to go yet.
  • Really? The Bulls beat the Nuggets? Every time I have a pick I think is a lock lately it ends up busting. Gah.
  • The Suns scored 140 again. Do you think that they won and covered?
  • The Trail Blazers beat the Hawks by 10. Picked it. The Hawks are rubbish this year.
  • The Lakers won by 4 in overtime. I was really questionable on this pick and at different points in the game the Lakers were covering, not covering, and losing. Oh well, I got the win pick, but not the spread.

Overall, I was 8 for 11 on win picks and 7 for 11 on spread picks. Oh, and special site news / girly running around the house: it’s OSCAR TIME! Really, I hate the idea and the movies that should have made it didn’t get nods in general. But, I figured I’d pad my stats with the good ‘ol dead actor pick. Today’s picks, inculding the Oscars:


Philadelphia 76ers vs. Miami Heat (-4)

The Heat are better and at home.

San Antonio Spurs (-7½) vs. Washington Wizards

I swear if I get one more Spurs pick wrong…

Sacramento Kings vs. Dallas Mavericks (-13)

I stayed up last night waiting to see this line and it never came. Wow. 13 is big. But, the Mavericks did this very thing to the Kings three games ago. Mav’s win and cover.

New Orleans Hornets (+8) vs. Utah Jazz

The Hornets pulled through and almost beat the Lakers at home. Who says that they can’t against the Jazz? The Jazz are really good at home, but I still pick the Hornets to stay within 8. I’ll give the win to the Jazz, however.

Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Golden State Warriors (-7½)

Golden State is really good at home and the Thunder… are too easy to make jokes about. Golden State wins/covers.

The Oscars

Best Film

  • Slumdog Millionaire – 1/8
  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – 7/1
  • Milk – 12/1
  • Frost / Nixon – 30/1
  • The Reader – 20/1

Dare I say Frost/Nixon wins? I dare not. I haven’t seen it or any of these movies except Benjamin Button. I’d like to say that any of the rest have a chance, but they really don’t. Button is the only one with a correctly pronounced “nuclear” in a George Bush speech’s chance to take on Slumdog. Honestly, though it’s a no brainer. Slumdog Musical 3 wins. F- you Hollywood. I disagree, but know how you vote.

Best Director

  • Danny Boyle – 1/11
  • David Fincher – 8/1
  • Ron Howard – 25/1
  • Gus Van Sant – 22/1
  • Stephen Daldry – 35/1

Is there any way this jackass isn’t winning? No, no there isn’t. If David Fincher wins I will shit myself with joy. But, he won’t. Gus Van Sant would be amazing as well, but it’s not happening. Singing/dancing crapfest “cultural” movie will win. Give a Bat or a Wrestler or a Gay Politician or a backwards aging guy movie the award. Fuckers.

Best Actor

  • Mickey Rourke – 10/21
  • Sean Penn – 19/10
  • Frank Langella – 13/1
  • Brad Pitt – 20/1
  • Richard Jenkins – 40/1

The only doubt in this is Sean Penn. Hollywood loves to promote their openness to homosexuality, while blatantly being homophobes for the most part. But, there is way too much hype around Mickey Rourke to win this. This is my tentative pick so far as I think Mickey will finally achieve this honor, although I would be stoke for him, Penn, or Pitt to win this.

Best Actress

  • Kate Winslet – 1/3
  • Anne Hathaway – 7/1
  • Meryl Streep – 7/2
  • Angelina Jolie – 25/1
  • Melissa Leo – 35/1

And the winner for hottest piece of ass goes to Angelina Jolie. Oh, this is the opposite of that? Meryl Streep FTW! I’m not even sure how Anne Hathaway got into a role that got a nod with the shit movies she’s been in. I hope Streep gets this because she’s a damn good actress and Anne Hathaway is in Bride Wars. Enough said.

Best Supporting Actor

*Also known as the Heath Ledger award this year.

  • Heath Ledger – 1/40
  • Philip Seymour Hoffman – 20/1
  • Josh Brolin – 40/1
  • Someone else who was nominated? – 55/1
  • Really? 5 picks? – 40/1

Um, Hollywood loves dead guys. Heath fucking blew minds with this role and will deeeefinitely win this award. The sad thing is, he might not have won this without dying. I would have given it to him because this was one of the best roles I have ever seen on film, but the Academy would have most likely hit Hoffman or Brolin up if not. But, he died and he wins. I hate you Hollywood. Reward the great actors WHEN THEY’RE ALIVE so that they’ll keep taking on these great roles and producing quality work.

Best Supporting Actress

  • Penelope Cruz – 5/8
  • Marisa Tomei – 32/5
  • Viola Davis – 7/2
  • Taraji P Henson – 11/4
  • Amy Adams – 9/2

This is the “I don’t care” category. Marissa Tomei is hot as Hell for her age and plays a stripper, but she won’t win. I don’t even care, Penelope wins. I pick her for boobage. This blog brought to you by my junior high self.