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NBA: 76 of 114 wins. 61 of 114 spreads.
Overall: 96 of 144 wins. 76 of 144 spreads.

Thank whatever deity you feel like for today, I needed a day of mostly wins after yesterday’s travesty of picks. Granted, there were only 4 NBA picks and I got my 2 NCAA win picks right, but a day like today shows that I’m not completely on the wrong track. Jokes about me… in the comments haha. Yesterday’s recap:

  • The Hawks won and covered a hefty margin. I made the pick with no line up, because I had to leave before noon. I actually had something to do, crazy I know. They covered well over the line that ended betting, so I consider that a right pick.
  • Wow, the Pacers beat the Cavaliers? Crazy world. I didn’t see that happening.
  • I said it yesterday and I’ll say it today, the spread on the Nuggets was -1 against the Heat? The Heat are falling fast and proved it today, losing by well over that gargantuan… -1 line, 17 in fact.
  • Well, the Spurs remembered how they played in Boston and decimated the Nets as predicted.
  • The Raptors beat the Timberwolves and covered.
  • The Mavericks beat the Kings and covered.
  • The Bulls apparently beat the Pistons. I wasn’t too sure on this game, but I really thought that the Pistons would take it.
  • I was a little worried on the 13 point spread on the Lakers/Thunder game, but I went with the Lakers covering it anyways. It came down to the final minutes and the Lakers ended up not covering, but obviously still winning.
  • Solely due to their weird home game record, I picked Golden State to beat a team that technically should be superior… and they won… by 17. Apparently the defense didn’t show up in time for the game, as the final total score was 271. Think they beat the over?
  • I will always love when I get a pick perfectly right and remind you every time I do. I picked Minnesota to beat Indiana, but not blow them out with a hefty 17 point spread. They beat them by 8. Perfect.
  • Michigan State beat Michigan and covered, as expected.
  • In an NBA scoring game, I picked Villanova to beat Marquette and cover. They won by 18.
  • I picked Clemson to beat Boston College and cover and I was a little worried on the pick. They won… and covered. This was a good day overall.

In the NBA, I was 7 of 9 for win picks and 6 for 9 on spreads. Overall, I was 11 for 13 for win picks and 10 for 13 on spreads. Not a shabby day after a horrible one and a couple of others that weren’t the greatest. I feel a little bit back on track, although slightly bummed that the only spread that I got wrong on a game I got right was the Lakers. Oh well, a W is a W on the road to the title. Today’s picks:


Memphis Grizzlies vs. Philadelphia 76ers (-11)

I’m assuming the 76ers win this. As for the spread, that’s a mighty number to overtake, but I think they can do it.

Denver Nuggets vs. Orlando Magic (-7½)

The Nuggets are a damn good team, but the Magic are better, at home, and aren’t the team that lost by 44 in New Jersey two games ago. Magic win and cover.

Washington Wizards vs. Charlotte Bobcats (-8)

Crap vs. crap again. The Bobcats are the better crap team and they’re at home. I pick them to win and cover, but who ever really knows when two horrible teams get together. Let’s all agree to watch high school golf highlights before we watch this.

Phoenix Suns vs. Cleveland Cavaliers (-8)

Cleveland is absolutely fuming right now, after not getting their point guard into the all-stars, then losing to the Lakers and Pacers (seriously, the Pacers?). They’re also playing at home where they are still 23-1 for the season. Let’s see how they play at home in their first game since their winning streak there was snapped. Cleveland wins and covers.

San Antonio Spurs (-7) vs. Toronto Raptors

This is my hand-picked given win of the day if there is one. Spurs win and cover.

Atlanta Hawks vs. Detroit Pistons

AI is questionable for today’s game and that to me is the swing factor of this whole game. Both teams are equally middle of the road. The Pistons have a better record, but have been struggling lately on defense. The Hawks seem to be trying to swing momentum their way, even though they are spotty as Hell. I’ll give this to the Pistons, as I don’t know what AI’s status is yet, but if he isn’t playing look for this to be a close game.

Indiana Pacers vs. Milwaukee Bucks (-5)

Both of these teams are absolutely random. The Pacers beat the Cavaliers and the Magic, but lost to the Wizards, 76ers, and Timberwolves. The Bucks beat the Rockets, Hawks, and Raptors, but lost to the Pistons and Nets. Really? The Bucks are at home and slightly better ranked, so I’ll give them the win, but whoever decides to play like they’re against a better team will probably win this.

Boston Celtics vs. New Orleans Hornets

Celtics… win. I don’t know what the spread is yet, but I’m guessing they win this by a lot.

Sacramento Kings vs. Houston Rockets (-14)

That is a giant spread. Rockets obviously win, but the spread is troublesome. I’ll tentatively say that the Rockets cover it, but who knows.

Los Angeles Lakers (-1) vs. Utah Jazz

The Lakers are absolutely worn out after that road trip, Kobe being sick, and playing without a true center. That being said the Jazz are really good at home. I’ll give this one to the Lakers though, let’s make it an 8-0 run.

Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Portland Trail Blazers (-12)

Yes, Oklahoma City beat Portland a few games ago, in Oklahoma City. That and them being on of the spottiest crap teams around has me a little worried, but I still pick the Trail Blazers to win and tentatively cover.

New York Knicks vs. Los Angeles Clippers (-5)

It’s really odd to me seeing the Clippers considered the favorites in a contest. The Knicks really aren’t that bad are they? Yes, they’ve lost 5 in a row. That was also to legendary games by Kobe and LeBron, as well as the Celtics, Trail Blazers, and Golden State’s random mythical home record. I pick the Knicks to win a game because it’s about damn time and the Clippers can manage a horrible performance anywhere they go.

*I got a late start and there are too many NBA picks today, so no NCAA.


NBA: 69 of 105 wins. 55 of 105 spreads.
Overall: 85 of 131 wins. 66 of 131 spreads.

So, the day finally came. The day that I picked perfectly wrong in the NBA. I feel like I let myself down by finally picking as well as the ESPN guy that I made fun of for my first few posts. Oh well, he gets paid and I’m chronicling my slow learning of handicapping sports, mostly the NBA. Sorry to anyone who used my advice, but if you’ve read the about section you’ll know that I told you I’m learning and Hell, everyone has a bad day. That being said… ugh. Yesterday’s recap:

  • I debated the Suns/76ers game for a long while. The reason I thought that the Suns could win was that Amare is trying to play like a stud to show his value to any potential trading teams. However, the Suns have been damn spotty lately and they proved it by falling to the 76ers. I picked the Suns and the 76ers won. Oh well.
  • Like I said before, I’d never “support” a crap vs. crap game. That being said, I felt like the Clippers could beat the Bobcats because they’ve seemed like they actually wanted to play for the past two games. So, for once I gave them the pick… and the lost. God this recap is going horribly.
  • Yes, I picked the Hornets sans Chris Paul. I saw their last game without him and I really just felt like their backups could take on the Grizzlies. They lost by 5, close game, but wrong pick again by me.
  • So, while the Rockets can and should beat the Bucks by 6, they didn’t and completed my 4 team wrong pick parlay. Awesome.
  • The light at the end of the tunnel, and hopefully the only time this will ever happen, I picked right in college and wrong in all of my NBA games. I said Pittsburgh would win and cover 9 against West Virginia and they won by 11.
  • Well in the Kansas vs. Missouri bout I thought it would be close and it was. I picked Missouri to edge out Kansas and I thought they could cover 4½ if they won. They won, but only by 2.

For NBA picks I was… 0 for 4 on wins and obviously 0 for 4 on spreads. Gah. Overall, I was 2 for 6 on wins and 1 for 6 on spreads. I kid you not everyone has a day like that. Let’s hope that’s the last one or I’ll have to put in an application to work for ESPN. God I love making fun of that guy for some reason. Anyways, today’s picks… you were warned with this recap:


Washington Wizards vs. Atlanta Hawks

There isn’t a line up for this for some reason. I’ll pick the Hawks to win because they have to sooner or later and the Wizards are just that visiting team that should hand them a win without much contest.

Cleveland Cavaliers (-6½) vs. Indiana Pacers

The only thing that could sway me on this game is the fact that the Pacers beat the Magic 3 games ago. But, the Magic are missing Jameer Nelson and trying to deal with that. I’m pretty confident that the Cavaliers win this and cover.

Denver Nuggets (-1) vs. Miami Heat

This line at -1 seems a little odd to me. I was trying to figure out why it’s so low. Nobody on the Nuggets is hurt, they don’t have a horrible away record, and they seem to be consistently winning. The Heat are getting spottier and spottier as they teeter on the edge of playoff contention. I’ll pick the Nuggets to win this and cover.

San Antonio Spurs (-5) vs. New Jersey Nets

The Spurs just finished beating Boston in Boston. The Nets destroyed Washington and Denver before having the same done to them by Orlando. The Spurs are right there in contention with Orlando and there is no way the Nets are as good as the Celtics. I’ll pick the Spurs to win and cover. Hopefully, they’ll remember how they played in Boston and this won’t even be a contest.

Toronto Raptors (-3½) vs. Minnesota Timberwolves

Gah, after a tough day yesterday, we have a game like this today. Both teams are bad, have recent horrible records, and hurt star players. Minnesota is at home, but has a worse record overall. It’s really a 50/50 game. I’ll give this to the Raptors because they’re due for a win and this will be the first full game for Minnesota after Al Jefferson went down. Raptors win and cover.

Sacramento Kings vs. Dallas Mavericks (-12)

Let’s get the easy part out of the way, the Mavericks win this. I will eat my hat if they don’t. As for this monster spread, I’m not quite as sure. I’ll give it to the Mavericks to cover because the Kings are horrible, but the Mavericks definitely don’t always win by that many.

Detroit Pistons vs. Chicago Bulls (-2)

Really? The Bulls are favored? They have a worse record, no amazing home record or even recent home winning streak. The Pistons are a decent/good team that can take on most any teams outside of the top 6-8. The Bulls are not in the top 6-8, or really the top 15. I’ll pick the Pistons to win this unless someone gives me a good reason to pick otherwise.

Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Los Angeles Lakers (-13)

Um, Lakers win. As for this giant spread. Let’s hope that they can cover it against arguably the worst team in the league.

New York Knicks vs. Golden State Warriors (-4½)

Golden State with their GD home game record. How can you pick a team to win that is 17-35 against a team that is 21-29? Oh ya, you pick the team that seems to kill almost everyone at home against the team that has been deeeestroyed lately by all-time great games. Golden State wins and covers.


Indiana vs. Minnesota (-17)

I wonder who is supposed to win this one? Obviously, I pick Minnesota to win. As for the spread, I’ll say that Indiana stays within 17.

Michigan State (-4) vs. Michigan

This should be a close game and a rivalry at that. Both teams are very good and Michigan State’s only recent loss was to Penn State, who Michigan beat handily a few games ago. I’ll give this to Michigan State, but this one could really go either way.

Marquette vs. Villanova (-4½)

Really Marquette? You lost at South Florida? That alone is why I pick Villanova to win this, although it should be a close game.

Clemson (-3½) vs. Boston College

I really don’t know on this one. I’ll tentatively pick Clemson, but both of these teams are really good. Again, this is a tough day to pick Top 25 college hoops.

NBA: 69 of 101 wins. 55 of 101 spreads.
Overall: 83 of 125 wins. 65 of 125 spreads.

Yesterday’s recap:

  • The Spurs beat the Celtics! I had a feeling it would happen, as the Celtics lost a couple of game quickly right after the Lakers beat them last time. I don’t care if I picked that game wrong, that’s awesome. The coach of the Celtics said that they think they might play the Spurs in the finals? Too bad you’ll be watching the Lakers play the Cav’s. Keep dreaming bud.
  • THE LAKERS BEAT THE CAV’S! Why is that amazing? First of all, the Cav’s were undefeated at home! As in 23-0 in Cleveland… until today. The Lakers also did this without Andrew Bynum. Lamar Odom had a season high 28 points and The Cleveland LeBrons were effectively shut down. Oh and I picked this amazing feat to happen.
  • So, I said the Blazers were better, at home, and should win. They did, but only by 1 on a 7 point spread after blowing an 11 point lead. Got the win, not the spread.
  • I said that the Magic would beat the Nets, but not cover the giant spread without Jameer Nelson. The Magic won and easily covered.
  • I love when I get these exactly right. The Heat were picked to beat the Bobcats by 8. I said they would win, but not cover, as these teams are too close in numbers. The Heat won… and by less than 8.
  • I said the Pacers/Wizards game would be close, but the Pacers would win. The Wizards won. Oh well.
  • New Orleans beat the Timberwolves and barely covered. I’m really worried for the Hornets. A month ago they would have destroyed the Timberwolves.
  • I said OKC would win and cover 7 against the Kings and that hurt to say. Well, they won, but didn’t cover. Don’t ever “support” a crap vs. crap game. That’s solid advice.
  • Argh, the Suns beat the Pistons. Didn’t see that one. That’s all I can really say.
  • Well, I underestimated the crappy Warriors at home. They destroyed the Jazz.

Overall, I was 6 for 10 on wins and 3 for 10 on spreads. Again, don’t read that. Hit your head on the table a few times or something and pretend that never happened (please don’t actually do that). Blah, the sad thing is I was happy with the day because the Lakers did what nobody thought they would do 2 games in a row and the Celtics proved that they aren’t the top team this year. Lakers/Cavaliers in the finals. Count on it. Today’s picks:


Phoenix Suns vs. Philadelphia 76ers (-3½)

This is a tough game. Both teams are fairly evenly matched and ranked. The game is in Philadelphia so they got the spread in their favor. It really comes down to who I think will win this game straight up. I think the Suns will take this for some reason, although I’m not exactly sure why.

Los Angeles Clippers vs. Charlotte Bobcats (-1)

Both of these teams are terrible. However, the Clippers are on a (gasp!) two game winning streak! I’ll give the edge to them because I haven’t seen any life out of Charlotte since the Lakers game. Clippers win.

New Orleans Hornets vs. Memphis Grizzlies (-3)

Will this be the day that I pick all underdog picks? Apparently so far. I pick the Hornets to beat the Grizzlies at home.

Houston Rockets (-6) vs. Milwaukee Bucks

Scratch that last comment. I’ll pick a favored team for once today. The Rockets can and should beat the Bucks by 6.


West Virginia vs. Pittsburgh (-9)

By the way, I hate the spelling of Pittsburgh. I noticed a day or so later that I had spelled it wrong in my Super Bowl pick. Oh well. I don’t think they should have any problem beating West Virginia while playing at home. Pittsburgh wins and covers.

Kansas vs. Missouri (-4½)

This is what we call “a good game.” #16 vs. #17 at #17’s home court. I’m hard pressed to pick a winner. College is spotty, but home teams usually have the advantage. I’ll give this to Missouri to win and cover, mainly for being at home and also beating Baylor by more than Kansas did. Really, no idea on who will win this though.

NBA: 63 of 91 wins. 52 of 91 spreads.
Overall: 77 of 115 wins. 62 of 115 spreads.

There were two crazy games yesterday and of course my support was behind the losing team in both. Weird. Yesterday’s recap:

  • The Clippers beat the Hawks, going 2-0 after losing 21 of 23. Congrats.
  • The 76ers beat the Heat, like I thought they would.
  • The second of my two “wow” games. The Nuggets lost to the Nets by 44. Seriously?
  • I picked Memphis to beat Toronto because Bosch was hurt. Memphis won by 8 in the lowest scoring game I’ve seen in a while.
  • I picked the Piston to win and cover 4½. They tied in the 4th, went to OT, and won by 5. Woo!
  • The Mavericks beat the Bulls by 1 in OT. I picked them to win and cover 7. Oh well.
  • The Rockets killed the Timberwolves, as expected.

Overall, I was 5 for 7 on wins and 4 for 7 on spreads. Seriously, what the Hell was with the Clippers and Nets dominating games? Gah, whatever. Today’s picks:


San Antonio Spurs vs. Boston Celtics (-7)

Celtics should win this. I’m not sure about the spread. This is the first of two powerhouse games today. I’ll go with Boston to cover because why not? They’re really good and at home.

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Cleveland Cavaliers (-5)

The Lakers are arguably the best team in the league and the Cavaliers… are as well. They are only slightly lower in the rankings, which could flip with this game. The Cav’s are also at home. However, I still have to give this one to the Lakers after their last match up was uncontested. The Lakers win.

New York Knicks vs. Portland Trail Blazers (-7½)

Portland is better and at home. They win and cover.

New Jersey Nets vs. Orlando Magic (-11½)

Obviously, I’ll pick the Magic to win, despite what the Nets did yesterday. However, I’ll go out on a limb and say that they don’t cover the spread with Jameer Nelson out.

Charlotte Bobcats vs. Miami Heat (-8)

Miami’s only win in the past 5 games is against the Clippers, so consider them having not won a real game in a while. Charlotte has lost 4 of their last 5, but the 5th was a fluke win against the Lakers. Can they take the game against the Heat, who are falling apart at the seams? I’ll go with the Heat to squeeze this one out, but again not cover the spread.

Indiana Pacers vs. Washington Wizards

This game is a pick because Washington is at home. Otherwise, the Pacers are a better team… and they are not a very good team. Luckily for them the Wizards are the worst team in the league, so the Pacers win.

Minnesota Timberwolves vs. New Orleans Hornets (-2½)

New Orleans is no longer a contender without Chris Paul. Minnesota are pretty weak all around. I don’t want to pick this game at all, but I’ll give it New Orleans because they’re at home.

Sacramento Kings vs. Oklahoma City Thunder (-7)

The Thunder are favored one of the only times of the season, and heavily favored by a spread of 7. That only happens when the 3rd worst team plays the 2nd worst. Who honestly cares in this game, but for the sake of picking every game I’ll give this to OKC to win and cover. That hurts to say.

Phoenix Suns vs. Detroit Pistons (-1½)

Detroit is at home against a Suns team that is falling apart with the age of its “All-Star.” Detroit wins this one for sure.

Utah Jazz (-1) vs. Golden State Warriors

Interesting fact, Golden State has been dominant on their home court. However, their record says otherwise. I will tentatively give this to Utah because they are that much better overall.

NBA: 58 of 84 wins. 48 of 84 spreads.
Overall: 72 of 108 wins. 58 of 108 spreads.

I’m confused. You show me somebody who picks NBA that got every game yesterday right and I will show you the one millionth monkey punching at the keyboard that happened to push that right combination of keys. There is no way anyone picked that many bad teams to win. That said, yesterday’s recap!

  • The Hawks won against the Bobcats. See Magic, they took care of an easy team!
  • The Magic lost to the Pacers. For shame.
  • The Celtics won and covered, but only after having to come back from being down by 1 at the half… to the Knicks… who Kobe scored 61 on and LeBron scored 52 on. Were they watching those games?
  • And we enter the land of crap. Where the Clippers win their eleventh game against the Grizzlies.
  • Wow, the Trail Blazers lost to the Thunder. Jeebus.
  • The Nuggets handled a crappy team in the Wizards. Was that so hard?
  • The Hornets beat the Raptors in the battle of the second stringers. Congrats.
  • The Jazz baaarely covered the 4 point spread against the Kings. Really? The Kings are terrible.
  • The Suns beat Golden State by 10. The spread was 10½. Gah, but ya I picked the win right at least.
  • In my only college pick of the day I thought that Marquette would demolish South Florida …and they lost. What the hell? South Florida was 7-14 and 2-7 in conference play and beat Marquette.

Ugh, another weird day in the wide world of basketball. I was 6 for 9 in wins picked and 5 for 9 in covers picked. Overall, I was 6 for 10 in wins and 5 for 10 in covers. Poop. Tell me you would have picked the Thunder and Clippers to win, and the Pacers to beat the Magic and I’ll show you onto the short bus. Anyways, today’s picks:


Los Angeles Clippers vs. Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks should beat the Clippers without a problem. There isn’t a line up yet, but lets go with them winning by a decent amount.

Miami Heat vs. Philadelphia 76ers (-3½)

The Heat are apparently supposed to lose this game by 3½. I understand, they’re on the road, but statistically they’re a better team and the 76ers have lost at home twice in their last 5 games. This is a toss up game for me, but I will have to give it to the home team, the 76ers to win and cover. It will be a close game most likely.

Denver Nuggets (-3) vs. New Jersey Nets

The Nuggets are pretty damn good and the Nets are mediocre to bad depending on the day. They also have the home court advantage. I’ll give this one to the Nuggets to win and cover, as they are just that much better overall.

Toronto Raptors vs. Memphis Grizzlies

This one is actually listed as a pick, which always means that the away team is slightly better, but given the home court advantage they are equal teams in this game. There’s some knowledge for you haha. The Raptors have lost their last five games, but they have played some tough teams. Memphis has lost three of their last five games, including one at home to the Clippers. I’ll give this one to Memphis because Bosch is hurt for the Raptors.

Detroit Pistons (-4½) vs. Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks were doing amazing, but are falling apart without Michael Redd. The Pistons have lost a lot of games lately, but all to decent teams. They also beat the Heat. I’ll give this one to the Pistons to win in Milwaukee and cover, which sounds crazy to me, but I really think it might happen.

Chicago Bulls vs. Dallas Mavericks (-7)

Both of these teams have been on a tear lately, beating almost everyone they’ve played. The Mavericks are at home and have a better record. They also beat the Magic a few games ago. I’ll give the game to them and tentatively say that they cover the spread.

Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Houston Rockets (-8)

The Rockets are a better team, playing at home. They’ve been spotty lately, but still should beat the Timberwolves and cover the spread.

NBA: 52 of 75 wins. 43 of 75 spreads.
Overall: 66 of 98 wins. 53 of 98 spreads.

Yesterday’s recap:

  • Blah, one of those scores that makes you cringe a little at how close things were. I said the 76ers would win and cover 5½ and they won by 5. Just like the Cav’s yesterday.
  • Boom, the coin flip and my Lakers bias were right, the Lakers won by 1 in overtime! They were the underdogs by 7 against Boston. That was an epic game, but only for Kobe’s last minute 3 and all of the technicals.
  • Oh, Mavericks. You sucked it up big time when I threw my support behind you. Now we both look foolish.

Overall, I was 2 for 3 in wins picked and 1 for 3 in spreads (damn 76ers ½ point). That sounds worse than it really is. I basically got one underdog game wrong, one right, and missed a spread by ½ point. Not horrible considering. Today’s picks:


Atlanta Hawks vs. Charlotte Bobcats

I’m not sure why, but there aren’t lines up yet for a lot of games. Anyways, the Bobcats are crap and at home and the Hawks are spotty at best. I give this to the Hawks, but it really could go either way with how randomly they shut down as a team.

Orlando Magic vs. Indiana Pacers

Magic win. No line again, but I can imagine it’s around the same as the line below with the Celtics.

Boston Celtics (-7) vs. New York Knicks

Finally, a spread. I’m tentative on this for two reasons. The last time the Lakers broke the Celtics’ winning streak, the Celtics lost a couple of bad games right after. Also, the Knicks have been getting decimated at home and at some point that will stop. That being said, the Celtics on average should destroy the Knicks, so I pick them to win and cover.

Los Angeles Clippers vs. Memphis Grizzlies (-4½)

The Clippers are absolute garbage and the Grizzlies are on a two game winning streak to get them to 13 wins! Woo! The Grizzlies win and cover.

Portland Trail Blazers (-6) vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

The Blazers are good and OKC is again… garbage. The Trail Blazers win and cover.

Denver Nuggets vs. Washington Wizards

Repeat what I’ve said in the past two. Nuggets = decent/good. Wizards = poop. Nuggets win this, even on the road.

Toronto Raptors vs. New Orleans Hornets(-3)

The Raptors are pretty bad, but the Hornets are slowly slipping off of the radar as top contenders in the west. A four game losing streak? Really? Chris Paul will most likely be out again and I think that makes this a somewhat even game. With Bosch out for the Raptors most likely, it really is anyone’s game. I’ll say that the Hornets win this, but who knows, it’s a battle of 2nd stringers.

Utah Jazz (-3) vs. Sacramento Kings

The Jazz are hurt and the Kings are terrible. Look for the injured Jazz to finally win four games in a row and their first road game in almost a month, obviously covering a 3 point spread.

Golden State Warriors vs. Phoenix Suns (-10½)

Phoenix is spotty and sliding fast downhill. The Warriors are terrible, but beat Phoenix in their last game. I’m not really sure what to say about this game. A month ago, easily Phoenix would have gotten my pick, but they are falling apart fast. I’ll give this win to them because I have no faith in Golden State and they’ll cover because Golden State loses by a lot usually and Phoenix wins by a lot usually. Who knows though.


Marquette (-9½) vs. South Florida

Marquette is on a dominating winning streak and South Florida is 2-7 in conference play. Even at home, they should get demolished by Marquette, who cover the almost 10 point spread.

NBA: 50 of 72 wins. 42 of 72 spreads.
Overall: 64 of 95 wins. 52 of 95 spreads.

Yesterday’s Picks:

  • The Lakers played spotty and had no inside presence, were down most of the game, and still managed to win by an even 8. Tied the spread, which counts as a win here. (I really don’t want a ties column up above also. Too many stats.)
  • THIS JUST IN! The Magic beat the Clippers by a ton! Shocking!
  • The Nets were underdogs and they killed the Wizards, as I thought they would.
  • Grr, Cavaliers. They had a 6 point lead and ended up only winning by 5 on a 6 point spread. So, I picked the win right, but not the spread.
  • The Heat lost to the Pistons by 3. The spread was 4½ for the Pistons, so I picked the win wrong and the spread right.
  • The Rockets lost to the Grizzlies. Not what I had picked at all. I think I’m picking against them next time no matter what, just to spite them for losing so many easy games.
  • Holy Hell! Denver only beat the Thunder by 1? What crazy world am I in? Luckily, I picked Denver and no spread ever opened for the game, so my pick is in tact. Damn, though. 1 point.
  • The T-Wolves lost to the Hawks in the game I said the T-Wolves would win. They are evenly matched and I picked wrong, oh well.
  • The Hornets lost to the Bulls… and I picked the Hornets. Damn.
  • The game I said would be close was close, and the team I picked to win did… and covered the spread by 1.
  • I can’t believe I ever have faith in the Suns. They let Golden State score over 70 on them by the end of the first half! Ridiculous. The Suns lost, and I picked them to win.
  • Ugh, I picked soooo many games yesterday. Anyways, NCAA. Syracuse beat West Virginia. I picked wrong.
  • GD Wake Forest. They’ve lost 2 games this year and of course I pick them to win when they lose their third.
  • Villanova beat Providence by 3 on a 2½ point spread. Barely got that one right.
  • Michigan State killed Minnesota. I said it would be closer than 8½ and it wasn’t. Right team, wrong side of the spread on my part.
  • Wow, Duke got hammered by Clemson. I picked Duke. I apparently need to not pick college basketball if I get any more days like yesterday.
  • Woo, got a pick right. I said Oklahoma would beat Texas A&M, but not cover a 12 point spread and that’s exactly what happened. In your face 4-5 picks before this that I got wrong haha.
  • I picked Memphis to win and cover a 17 point spread, knowing how hard that would be. They won by 13, oh well. Right win, wrong side of the spread.
  • Texas lost to Missouri and I picked Texas. It was like the day that every ranked team lost yesterday apparently.
  • UCLA killed USC, as I thought they would.

Gah, that was rough to get through. Tough day of college, not an amazing day of NBA. For the NBA I was 6 for 11 on wins and 6 for 11 on spreads. Overall, (please skip this next sentence) I was 11 for 20 on wins and 9 for 20 on spreads. That was rough. I’m glad that day is over and hopefully, we all forget that it happened. As long as I don’t go zero for a day, I’m still better than a guy who writes for ESPN, so I’ve always got that. Today’s hopefully better picks:


Indiana Pacers vs. Philadelphia 76ers (-5½)

I don’t really like this game all that much, but I’ll have to give it to the 76ers to win and cover. They’re a slightly better team and playing at home.

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Boston Celtics (-7)

This is the game everyone cares about today anyways, right? Arguably the two top teams in the league, and last year’s finals contenders squaring off in Boston, with a missing center for the Lakers and a sick KG for the Celtics. This is going to be a damn good game, despite those two downsides. I’m torn, I love the Lakers and honestly love the Celtics too. They’re both even and despite Bynum being out, I think the Lakers have a legitimate shot at the game, although they aren’t favored. I would never throw “support” on either side of this game and I recommend that you don’t either. Heads Celtics, Tails Lakers. (Honestly, flipping a coin) Tails. Lakers win the game. I don’t like that pick, but I wouldn’t like it the other way either.

Dallas Mavericks vs. Utah Jazz (-3)

The Jazz are only favored because they’re at home. They’re an almost equal team, but not quite. Also, Dallas has been on a tear lately, beating Portland, Orlando, and Miami. I pick the Mavericks to keep it up and win, despite being on the road in Utah.

I’m over college today. Yesterday hurt too much. Back tomorrow with more picks. Stay classy, internet.

NBA: 44 of 61 wins. 36 of 61 spreads.
Overall: 53 of 75 wins. 43 of 75 spreads.

Yesterday’s Picks:

  • The Cavaliers won and covered against the Raptors.
  • In the Timberwolves vs. the Pacers, I thought they were pretty even, but the Pacers would take it. The Timberwolves apparently won the game by 6.
  • The Celtics only won by 1 point and the spread was 3½. I guess I got the win right and the spread wrong. I’m confused why even without KG they didn’t win by more.
  • I didn’t like either of these teams, but eventually went with the Bucks… and they lost ha.
  • Ah Rockets. They won by 7 and the spread was… 7½. I guess I got the pick right and the spread wrong.
  • I finally picked against the Spurs and guess what? They lost. Apparently, I can pick any Spurs game anywhere haha. I don’t think I’ve picked wrong on them yet.

Overall, I was 4 for 6 on wins picked and 2 for 6 (grr Rockets) on spreads. I’m glad that I didn’t “support” any teams yesterday. Today’s picks:


Los Angeles Lakers(-8) vs. Toronto Raptors

The Lakers are without their center, but they just demolished the Knicks and seem to be doing alright offensively for now. If they can slow down the Raptors offense, look for them to win by at least 8.

Los Angeles Clippers vs. Orlando Magic (-13)

The Magic… at home… against the Clippers. We all know where the win is going. The semi-question is the 13 point spread, but how can I not pick the Magic to cover? Therefore, Magic win and cover a 13 point spread. That sounds kind of funny.

New Jersey Nets vs. Washington Wizards (-2)

The Nets are terrible, but the Wizards are a junior high softball team. They’re only favored because they’re at home. While I hate saying this because the Nets are spotty, the underdog Nets win this.

Cleveland Cavaliers (-6) vs. New York Knicks

Did the lines people see the Lakers performance against the Knicks at home? Have they seen LeBron play lately? I pick the Cavaliers to easily cover this and win, providing that they don’t have one of those mysterious games where they fall apart.

Miami Heat vs. Detroit Pistons (-4½)

These teams are neck and neck in the East. Detroit is favored because they’re at home, as the Heat would be if they were. The Pistons are one game behind the Heat, but mainly because they’ve lost 4 of their last 5 games. I’m not positive at all on who to pick for this one, but I’ll go with the underdog Heat on this game.

Houston Rockets (-6) vs. Memphis Grizzlies

This is the day of no ½ point spreads. Anyways, the Rockets are good, but spotty. The Grizzlies are just plain bad and their only recent win was against the Clippers. Look for the Rockets to take this one and cover.

Denver Nuggets vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

There aren’t any lines up for this yet. I think the sportsbooks are afraid of how much money they will lose if they let people bet on this game. Obviously, Denver will kill OKC. Simple.

Atlanta Hawks vs. Minnesota Timberwolves (-2½)

The Hawks got off to a good start this season before seemingly falling apart. They have lost 4 of their last 5 games and seem to be slipping as hard as any one team can. The Timberwolves started horribly, but since have been picking it up. Granted, they’ve lost 3 of their last 5 games, but those losses were to the Celtics, Lakers, and Pistons. Not an easy bunch. It’s hard to say this, looking at each team’s records, but I’m picking the Timberwolves to win and cover. Don’t hate me Hawks fans, but your team needs to pick it up.

Chicago Bulls vs. New Orleans Hornets (-2½)

Apparently, Chris Paul is day-to-day and I only read that this morning in some passing blurb about things happening around the NBA. If Paul is out, this makes for a whole different game. He runs the Hornets. The Bulls are a decently bad team and should easily lose by more than 2½ if he’s in. I have to pick the Hornets because I don’t know if Paul will be back or not, but if he isn’t look for this to be an interesting game.

Portland Trail Blazers vs. Dallas Mavericks (-4)

These are two solid teams that match up almost perfectly. The Mavericks get the edge because they’re at home. The question is, who will win in an even match up? I’ll give it to the home team, Dallas to win and cover, but damn I want to watch this game.

Phoenix Suns (-4) vs. Golden State Warriors

The ever-spotty Suns are playing the ever-terrible, but randomly spotty Warriors. Obviously, the Suns should be favored because they are better. But, they fall apart randomly and the Warriors turn it on randomly. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen tonight because I pick the Suns to win and cover.


*There are a ton of Top 20 college games today, so my explanations will be brief. I don’t care a whole lot about most of these games.

West Virginia vs. Syracuse (-2)

Apparently, I haven’t been keeping up on Syracuse because they’ve lost 4 of their last 5. West Virginia is a cusp Top 20 team as well. I’m going to have to go with West Virginia on this one because Syracuse is falling apart.

Wake Forest (-3) vs. Miami Florida

Wake Forest has lost 2 games recently, which I didn’t think would happen the rest of the season when they hit #1. Shows what I know. They are better than Miami and should cover the spread.

Villanova (-2½) vs. Providence

Villanova is on the road, but should still beat Providence. They beat Pittsburgh two games ago.

Minnesota vs. Michigan State (-8½)

This game is more of a toss-up in my mind than an 8½ point spread should show. Both teams are relatively equal. I’ll have to give the win to Michigan for being at home, but the game should be closer than 8½.

Duke (-4½) vs. Clemson

#4 Duke vs. #10 Clemson will be a damn good game. Duke has a tough schedule and this proves it. They play the #10 team in the nation on their home court… and still get favored in the lines. Both teams are really dead equal and Clemson is at home, which confuses me on the line being so in favor of Duke. However, I will give the win and cover to Duke because I have a feeling that they will pull this road win off.

Texas A&M vs. Oklahoma (-12)

Now there’s a college line. I’m used to seeing Top 20 teams with lines like -20½, not -1½. Texas A&M isn’t a bad team either, but Oklahoma are absolutely a Top 20 team and playing at home. Oklahoma wins, but doesn’t cover 12 points.

Memphis (-17) vs. Southern Methodist

Again, a college line that tells you who is going to win. Memphis wins obviously and I’m thinking will cover, although that’s a beast of a line.

Missouri vs. Texas (-5)

These are two pretty comparable teams. One is in the Top 20 and playing at home and the other is a cusp team and playing on the road. I have to give this to Texas to win and cover, but I’m definitely not sure on this game.

USC vs. UCLA (-8)

UCLA is my team. How can I root against them when they’re at home, against a rival, and ranked in the Top 20? I just can’t. USC is a damn good team as well, who beat Cal in their last game. However, I give the win to UCLA and tentatively say that they cover the spread.

NBA: 40 of 55 wins. 34 of 55 spreads.
Overall: 49 of 69 wins. 41 of 69 spreads.

Yesterday’s recap:

  • Holy hell Magic! Not only did you not cover the spread against the Mavericks, but you lost at home. I have to say that I didn’t see that one happening, although I did say “at some point their streak of home games will probably run out,” I really didn’t think it would be this soon.
  • In the Grizzlies vs. Wizards crap fest, I picked the underdog Grizzlies and they killed the Wizards.
  • Mvp. MVP! MVP!!! No, that wasn’t the home crowd at the Staples Center cheering. That was the home crowd at the Garden in New York cheering MVP for Kobe Bryant, as he destroyed the Knicks and scored the most points ever in that venue, with 61. Oh, and the Lakers won and covered handily.
  • The Heat destroyed the Clippers and doubled the spread. I don’t know why I was so worried, it is the Clippers after all.
  • What did I say? The underdog Trail Blazers have been looking good lately and the Hornets have been spotty, even losing to Golden State at home. I picked the Trail Blazers to win this in New Orleans and… they did.
  • Apparently the Suns had something to prove last night. I said they would win, but not cover a spread of 15½ and just for good measure, they won by 48. Jeebus. How often does a team win by that much? It can’t be very often, can it? And Shaq is an All-Star. This is indeed a strange and confusing world.
  • The Jazz killed the Bobcats. I was only worried because randomly the Bobcats pull wins over much better teams. That wasn’t the case last night.
  • So, the f-ing Spurs spent the entire game last night sucking it up and making me angry for “supporting” them. By the end, I knew they couldn’t turn around a 6 point deficit into a 5+ point lead, but I hoped that they could catch up for the tie and overtime… and they did. They ended up only winning by 5, which was the line, but my “support” was safe for another day. Oh, and pushes count as wins here because anything that isn’t a loss is a win.
  • Pittsburg killed Robert Morris. Big surprise there. Too bad there weren’t any lines on it that I could find.
  • I’m still confused why the #1 team in the nation was an underdog in any game, but that was the case last night. I picked Connecticut to beat Louisville, the #5 team, and lo and behold they killed them.
  • Wow is all I can say. Green Bay beat #11 Butler. Congrats, I did not pick that at all haha.

In the NBA I was 7 for 8 in win picks and 6 for 8 on spreads. Overall, I was 9 for 11 on win picks and 8 for 11 on spreads. Not a bad day at all, unless you put “support” behind the Magic… and then covered that support with the Spurs and watched that nail-biter. Lesson learned, I hate the Spurs still. Today’s picks:


Toronto Raptors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers (-10½)

Cleveland is at home and the Raptors just got demolished by the Magic. The Cavaliers will win and cover. (That pick looks eerily similar to my only losing pick from yesterday, crazy.)

Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Indiana Pacers

There is no line up for this yet, but the T-Wolves are a slightly worse team and Indiana is at home. I have to go with Indiana on this one.

Boston Celtics (-3½) vs. Philadelphia 76ers

Again, am I in crazy world. Boston by only 3½? That’s probably what everyone thought who didn’t know that Kevin Garnett is out with the flu and Ray Allen is questionable for tonight. I’m a little torn, but damnit the rest of the Celtics are still that good and should beat the 76ers, covering the spread.

Milwaukee Bucks vs. New Jersey Nets (-4½)

Again, two sub .500 teams match up. The Bucks, like I’ll say for the rest of the year, are without one of their best players, Michael Redd. The Nets are now actually matched with them and at home. I’ll still give this to the underdog Bucks, but my picks on them are sliding downhill until they pick it up without Redd.

Chicago Bulls vs. Houston Rockets (-7½)

Why are the Rockets so damn spotty? They have 3 absolutely dominant players and a decent team outside of that. Yao, T-Mac, and Artest? You can’t ask for a whole lot else. Anyways, the Bulls are pretty bad and playing in Houston. The Rockets will win and tentatively cover.

San Antonio Spurs vs. Denver Nuggets (-6)

Oh Spurs, how you mess with my head. The Spurs seem to be perpetual underdogs in the lines despite being 33 and 14. The Nuggets are at home, are 31 and 16, and doing really well also. For once, I’ll pick against the Spurs since they were horrible last night and Denver is pretty damn good. Denver will win and cover.

Yesterday’s recap:

  • The Magic were supposed to beat the Raptors by 6½ and they destroyed them. Nothing extraordinary there.
  • The Celtics won, but didn’t cover. I would have thought that they could cover, but that was a big spread.
  • I couldn’t believe the score of the Cav’s game going into the 4th. Down by 8? Are you joking me? Luckily, they pulled it out and won by 10. That’s right, they had an 18 point swing in the final quarter of a game. Jeebus.
  • The Thunder/Kings game was supposed to be close and… it went to overtime. I picked the Thunder and the Kings won in overtime by 4, oh well.
  • Vegas just made a metric assload of money. After leading by 11, Pittsburg went down by 3, only to get a touchdown with 35 seconds to go and go up by 4. So, not only did they not cover the spread, but anyone who picked the Cardinals lost as well. The only people with “support” for either side that were stoked for Pittsburg to get that touchdown were the people who picked them to win straight up at -220. I picked them to cover and they didn’t, but I still got the win right.

Overall, I was 3 for 4 on wins picked and 2 for 4 on spreads picked. I don’t feel that bad because I would never make a real pick on a game like Thunder/Kings. Without that, I was 3 for 3 and 2 for 3 on spreads. Not bad. As for the Super Bowl, I hate the Steelers for blowing their lead. Oh well, I still got the pick right, but they didn’t cover the spread like I thought they would. I hate football and it’s over, woo!

Today’s picks:


Dallas Mavericks vs. Orlando Magic (-7½)

The Mavericks are decent, but the Magic are amazing right now and playing at home. They have been destroying lately and I can’t image them not covering the spread, although at some point their streak of home games will probably run out. I say that they win and cover.

Memphis Grizzlies vs. Washington Wizards (-5½)

The Wizards are at home and both teams are crap. I’m assuming that whoever wins will win by 5½. However, I’ll go out on a limb and say that the Grizzlies win because again, who cares? There seem to be way too many crap vs. crap games lately.

Los Angeles Lakers (-6) vs. New York Knicks

The Knicks have a -.500 record, but are at home and have been on a decent streak lately. This includes beating the Pacers, Hawks, and Rockets. However, the Lakers are beasts and have been slaughtering almost everyone lately. I pick the Lakers to win and cover.

Los Angeles Clippers vs. Miami Heat (-10½)

The Heat are getting spottier and spottier. The Clippers are terrible, but held out against a few teams lately. I will give the win easily to the Heat, with them tentatively covering the spread because the Clippers tend to lose by a lot. I’m not 100% on the spread pick though.

Portland Trail Blazers vs. New Orleans Hornets (-3)

The Trail Blazers are getting better and the Hornets are getting shaky. The Hornets are at home and that’s the only reason why they have the spread on their side. I’m going to have to give this to the Trail Blazers, as much as I like Chris Paul, because I really think they can take this game. The Hornets did just lose to Golden State at home two days ago…

Sacramento Kings vs. Phoenix Suns (-15½)

Hey, the Kings finally won a game… woo! The Suns obviously should win this game. The question comes down to the spread, as it usually does. When the Suns win, with few exceptions, they don’t win by a lot. That and their recent losses make me think that they’ll win, but let the Kings stay way too close for a 15½ point lead.

Charlotte Bobcats vs. Utah Jazz (-7½)

The Bobcats are really spotty for a crappy team. Which is actually a good thing if you are a sub .500 team. They randomly pull games against good teams and then lose to poor teams. The Jazz are/were a good team, but they have lost 4 of their last 5 games and just don’t seem to be proving themselves lately. I’m more torn than I should be as to who will win this game. I have to go with the Jazz to win and cover, but the damn Bobcats seem to randomly screw up picks. Oh well, they’re still bad.

San Antonio Spurs (-5) vs. Golden State Warriors

Even though Golden State beat the Hornets two games ago, I can’t give them the win in this at all. They are garbage overall, and San Antonio should win and cover.

NCAA Basketball

Robert Morris vs. Pittsburgh

There aren’t even lines up for this game that I can find. Let’s just go with Pittsburgh on this one for good measure.

Connecticut vs. Louisville (-2½)

If there were an opposite to those crap vs. crap NBA games I’ve been talking about, it would be this game. Connecticut has a better record and a higher rank, but Louisville is at home and only slightly lower ranked. This is a definite toss up for me. I’m going to go with Connecticut in the “upset” on this one, but only because they have been beating teams by a wider margin lately. Either way, this one will be a great game.

Butler (-1½) vs. Green Bay

Both of these teams are at least pretty good. However, Butler is better. They also beat Green Bay two weeks ago, which granted was at home. This time Green Bay is at home, but again I will still go with Butler to win this one and cover.