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So, my friend Josh guest-blogged on here two days ago and made the picks for the day because I’m taking a break until after the all-star game. He didn’t feel like recapping his picks, but I figured why not, just for closure on them… and so I can make fun of them a little haha. A recap of Josh’s picks:

  • I didn’t like this pick, but didn’t hate it. Josh picked the Bulls over the Heat. I agree that the Heat have been falling apart and that the Bulls may be picking it up, but the Heat in my mind are a much better team. I really think this would have been my “upset” pick if I had made it. Josh picked Bulls and they lost.
  • Josh picked the Celtics to win and over… and they almost lost. They ended up actually covering as well. I definitely would have picked the Celtics to win this, looking for a final win before the All Star break. Good call.
  • Josh picked the Blazers to underdog win against Golden State and they lost. I would have probably gone against the Blazers only because of Golden State’s weird home record.
  • UCLA lost. Josh picked them to win. No bueno. They played pretty poorly.
  • Josh had Arizona over USC and they covered.
  • Notre Dame absolutely handed Lousiville their asses. 90 to 57 against the #5 team in the nation. Are you kidding me? Good call on that pick Josh. I think you were safe on this one 5 minutes into the game when Louisville just walked off the court and let Notre Dame run practice layups. 33 points is ridiculous.

For the NBA, Josh was 1 of 3 in win picks and 1 of 3 in spreads. Meh, tough day of picks to be honest. Overall, he was 3 of 6 in win picks and 3 of 6 in spread picks. Nothing too bad. Thanks to Josh for guest-blogging and we’ll see if he makes it back here in the future. To everyone else, see ya after the All-Star weekend! Oh, and did you guys see TO’s alley-oop dunk today in the celebrity game? Clean.


NBA: 50 of 72 wins. 42 of 72 spreads.
Overall: 64 of 95 wins. 52 of 95 spreads.

Yesterday’s Picks:

  • The Lakers played spotty and had no inside presence, were down most of the game, and still managed to win by an even 8. Tied the spread, which counts as a win here. (I really don’t want a ties column up above also. Too many stats.)
  • THIS JUST IN! The Magic beat the Clippers by a ton! Shocking!
  • The Nets were underdogs and they killed the Wizards, as I thought they would.
  • Grr, Cavaliers. They had a 6 point lead and ended up only winning by 5 on a 6 point spread. So, I picked the win right, but not the spread.
  • The Heat lost to the Pistons by 3. The spread was 4½ for the Pistons, so I picked the win wrong and the spread right.
  • The Rockets lost to the Grizzlies. Not what I had picked at all. I think I’m picking against them next time no matter what, just to spite them for losing so many easy games.
  • Holy Hell! Denver only beat the Thunder by 1? What crazy world am I in? Luckily, I picked Denver and no spread ever opened for the game, so my pick is in tact. Damn, though. 1 point.
  • The T-Wolves lost to the Hawks in the game I said the T-Wolves would win. They are evenly matched and I picked wrong, oh well.
  • The Hornets lost to the Bulls… and I picked the Hornets. Damn.
  • The game I said would be close was close, and the team I picked to win did… and covered the spread by 1.
  • I can’t believe I ever have faith in the Suns. They let Golden State score over 70 on them by the end of the first half! Ridiculous. The Suns lost, and I picked them to win.
  • Ugh, I picked soooo many games yesterday. Anyways, NCAA. Syracuse beat West Virginia. I picked wrong.
  • GD Wake Forest. They’ve lost 2 games this year and of course I pick them to win when they lose their third.
  • Villanova beat Providence by 3 on a 2½ point spread. Barely got that one right.
  • Michigan State killed Minnesota. I said it would be closer than 8½ and it wasn’t. Right team, wrong side of the spread on my part.
  • Wow, Duke got hammered by Clemson. I picked Duke. I apparently need to not pick college basketball if I get any more days like yesterday.
  • Woo, got a pick right. I said Oklahoma would beat Texas A&M, but not cover a 12 point spread and that’s exactly what happened. In your face 4-5 picks before this that I got wrong haha.
  • I picked Memphis to win and cover a 17 point spread, knowing how hard that would be. They won by 13, oh well. Right win, wrong side of the spread.
  • Texas lost to Missouri and I picked Texas. It was like the day that every ranked team lost yesterday apparently.
  • UCLA killed USC, as I thought they would.

Gah, that was rough to get through. Tough day of college, not an amazing day of NBA. For the NBA I was 6 for 11 on wins and 6 for 11 on spreads. Overall, (please skip this next sentence) I was 11 for 20 on wins and 9 for 20 on spreads. That was rough. I’m glad that day is over and hopefully, we all forget that it happened. As long as I don’t go zero for a day, I’m still better than a guy who writes for ESPN, so I’ve always got that. Today’s hopefully better picks:


Indiana Pacers vs. Philadelphia 76ers (-5½)

I don’t really like this game all that much, but I’ll have to give it to the 76ers to win and cover. They’re a slightly better team and playing at home.

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Boston Celtics (-7)

This is the game everyone cares about today anyways, right? Arguably the two top teams in the league, and last year’s finals contenders squaring off in Boston, with a missing center for the Lakers and a sick KG for the Celtics. This is going to be a damn good game, despite those two downsides. I’m torn, I love the Lakers and honestly love the Celtics too. They’re both even and despite Bynum being out, I think the Lakers have a legitimate shot at the game, although they aren’t favored. I would never throw “support” on either side of this game and I recommend that you don’t either. Heads Celtics, Tails Lakers. (Honestly, flipping a coin) Tails. Lakers win the game. I don’t like that pick, but I wouldn’t like it the other way either.

Dallas Mavericks vs. Utah Jazz (-3)

The Jazz are only favored because they’re at home. They’re an almost equal team, but not quite. Also, Dallas has been on a tear lately, beating Portland, Orlando, and Miami. I pick the Mavericks to keep it up and win, despite being on the road in Utah.

I’m over college today. Yesterday hurt too much. Back tomorrow with more picks. Stay classy, internet.