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So, for anyone who doesn’t know me or hasn’t kept up with me lately, I have a lot of downtime due to situations beyond my control. I’ve decided to use a decent amount of this passive downtime to improve my poker game and learn how to handicap sports (sports bet). I don’t claim to be a professional or mildly competent in any kind of sports handicapping, but I want to learn. This all started when my buddy Josh and I decided to bet on random sports when we were in Las Vegas in December. I ended up winning every single bet we made, picking 3 winning horses, and the winning underdog boxer that weekend. While that may be luck, I think it’s really fun and funny to beat Josh when we’re picking random horses or over-under’s on a basketball game that we have no idea what the real over-under is (We guessed 200 and I said under. The total final score was 198 haha).

This blog will merely be my recording of picks in order to hopefully teach myself how to pick, as well as give any reasoning behind my choices. I will give my opinions on each game, as well as which ones I would actually bet on, then recap my previous day’s picks on the following day so I can track how well or horrible I did. This is in no way betting, just trying to learn how to sports handicap and letting anyone else in on my sports opinion and knowledge, or lack thereof. You can ask me to bet on anything sports related and I will try my best to give a valid pick. I’m not afraid to be wrong on my pick of an Australian B-league Rugby match or a Yo-yo Championship in Japan. I’m guessing I’m better than this guy though… and he’s a professional. 0 for 4? How does that work statistically? Get monkeys and a dartboard next time ESPN.


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