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NBA: 120 of 174 wins. 96 of 174 spreads.
Overall: 144 of 212 wins. 116 of 212 spreads.

The Clippers beat the Celtics. Take a second to let that sink in… Yesterday’s recap:

  • Pacers won.
  • The 76ers won and covered against the craptastic Wizards.
  • I wanted the underdog Bulls to beat the Nets, but the Nets won.
  • The Magic won and covered.
  • The Hornets beat the Pistons by 3, winning but not covering the spread.
  • I called that the Jazz would win, but Timberwolves would stay within 7½. The Jazz won by 17.
  • The Spurs destroyed the Trail Blazers.
  • Ditto. Mavericks destroyed the Bucks.
  • The Nuggets baaaarely beat the Hawks.
  • In crap vs. crap I picked the Bobcats and they won.
  • Holy. Hell. The Celtics lost to the Clippers. For shame.

Overall, I was 9 for 11 on win picks and 7 for 11 on spread picks. Not bad again. Today’s picks:


Cleveland Cavaliers (-4) vs. Houston Rockets

Both of these teams are doing really well lately. Both are on at least 5 game winning streaks. Houston is at home, but the Cavaliers are arguably the best or second best team in the league. I think Cleveland wins this and covers.

Phoenix Suns vs. Los Angeles Lakers (pick)

Again, both teams are pretty damn good, but one of them is pretty much the best team in the league and at home. Lakers win.


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