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NBA: 104 of 154 wins. 83 of 155 spreads.
Overall: 128 of 190 wins. 102 of 190 spreads.

Wow, I actually watched the Oscars a little bit and to be honest they were really good and inspiring… alright that’s enough of that bullshit. The Oscars were the same ass-sniffing festival that they always were and Hugh Jackman looked like a giant sellout wearing a top hat and singing show tunes. Anyways, yesterday’s recap:

  • The Heat won and covered against the 76ers.
  • Hey, the Spurs pulled one out the right way for once. Congratulations on beating one of the worst teams in the league.
  • The Mavericks won and covered a 13 point spread. Sorry Kings fans. You do realize that they aren’t the Lakers, right? They have the purple, but no gold. It’s confusing, I know.
  • I picked the Hornets to stay within 8, but the Jazz to win. The Jazz won and covered the spread, so I lost the spread pick.
  • Golden State won and covered against the Thunder.
  • Slumdog Musical 3: The Search for Curly’s Gold won Best Picture. Picked it and I hate the fact that that was an easy one.
  • Hey, the director of Slumdog’s Family Reunion won Best Director…
  • God damn Mickey Rourke, the only top pick that I wanted to win lost to Sean Penn. I didn’t see Milk yet, so I can’t say if he is good in it or not, but damnit it was Roarke’s time. Oh well, he’s back from the dead at least.
  • Gah, the only two picks I got wrong were Best Actor and Actress. I thought I would underdog one pick and Meryl Streep as an underdog is a decent enough pick. She lost to Kate Winslett though, the shoe-in pick.
  • Heath Ledger’s family won the Heath Ledger award.
  • Penelope won the best chest in south beach contest… or Best Supporting Actress (Hey-O!).

In the NBA, I was 5 for 5 on win picks and 4 for 5 on spreads. Overall, I was 9 for 11 on win picks and 8 for 11 on spreads (adding Oscars to spreads because otherwise totals get messed up). I’m pretty happy with those picks. Let’s keep these going. Today’s picks:


Memphis Grizzlies vs. Cleveland Cavaliers (-14)

There are giant lines sometimes, but the Cavaliers win by this much on a regular basis against better teams. Cleveland wins and covers.

Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Toronto Raptors (-6½)

Both of these teams are mediocre/crap. The Raptors are at home, so they get the edge. This is definitely not a solid pick though.

Detroit Pistons vs. Miami Heat (-4½)

The Pistons have lost five in a row and the Heat are spotty as Hell. Again, they’re at home and I have to give them the advantage.

Los Angeles Lakers (-8½) vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

LA wins. OKC is terrible.

Orlando Magic (-3) vs. Chicago Bulls

With a line of only 3 I have to give this to Orlando.

Portland Trail Blazers vs. Houston Rockets (-4½)

This is one of the two games of the day. These two teams are virtually equal skill-wise. The edge goes to the Rockets though, for having a 22-6 home record as opposed to the 12-15 away record of the Trail Blazers.

Dallas Mavericks vs. San Antonio Spurs (-4)

This is game two of the games to watch today. The Spurs should take it, but the Mavericks are a pretty damn good team.

Charlotte Bobcats vs. Phoenix Suns (-6½)

Really, only 6½? Phoenix should easily cover this unless I’m missing something.


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