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NBA: 90 of 136 wins. 71 of 136 spreads.
Overall: 110 of 166 wins. 86 of 166 spreads.

Sorry, I was busy yesterday and took off before any lines went up. All three of you that read this are heartbroken I’m sure. Ok two. Ok sorry mom. I’ll try not to miss another day for my own sake. And for anyone who didn’t see the Lakers game yesterday, their new player Shannon Brown had one of the biggest blocks I’ve ever seen and was somehow called for a foul. I don’t care, that block was gigantic. Welcome to the Lakers. On that note, here’s a recap of the post from two days ago:

  • The Pacers beat the 76ers. I didn’t like this pick, but picked it anyways and only because they have a weird home record.
  • The Magic won, but didn’t cover. They even went to OT with Charlotte. Really?
  • The Wizards beat the Timberwolves. I can’t believe that, but they were favored so I guess I picked an underdog that was so for a good reason.
  • The Bucks beat the Pistons. I didn’t pick that.
  • Oh Lord, the Spurs failed me again. They should have easily beaten the Knicks, but instead lost by 5 in OT. For shame.
  • The Hornets beat the Thunder by 2 on a spread of 3½. That is terrible after such a dominant first quarter lead. They won, but didn’t cover.
  • The spotty Rockets killed the Nets. Picked it.
  • Um, the Suns covered against the Clippers. They won… by 40.
  • The Jazz won and covered an 11 point spread. Nice.
  • The Lakers won and covered an 8 point spread. Nice as well.

Overall I was 7 for 10 on win picks and 5 for 10 on spreads. I feel like the last 4 games were all easy picks and the first 6 were brutal. Oh well. Today’s picks:


San Antonio Spurs vs. Detroit Pistons (-1)

For the first and probably only time, I will pick against two of the top five teams in the league. This may bite me in the ass, but the Spurs have let me down twice in a row. Pistons win.

Boston Celtics vs. Utah Jazz (+2½)

Basically, this line says that the Jazz will win or cover. I know, it sounds crazy to bet against the Celtics, but they have been on tilt lately and the Jazz are pretty dominant at home, let alone recently beating the Lakers. Both of these picks are tough and could go either way, but I really think that the Celtics could have one more loss in them before they get back on track from their second loss to the Lakers.


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