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So, my friend Josh guest-blogged on here two days ago and made the picks for the day because I’m taking a break until after the all-star game. He didn’t feel like recapping his picks, but I figured why not, just for closure on them… and so I can make fun of them a little haha. A recap of Josh’s picks:

  • I didn’t like this pick, but didn’t hate it. Josh picked the Bulls over the Heat. I agree that the Heat have been falling apart and that the Bulls may be picking it up, but the Heat in my mind are a much better team. I really think this would have been my “upset” pick if I had made it. Josh picked Bulls and they lost.
  • Josh picked the Celtics to win and over… and they almost lost. They ended up actually covering as well. I definitely would have picked the Celtics to win this, looking for a final win before the All Star break. Good call.
  • Josh picked the Blazers to underdog win against Golden State and they lost. I would have probably gone against the Blazers only because of Golden State’s weird home record.
  • UCLA lost. Josh picked them to win. No bueno. They played pretty poorly.
  • Josh had Arizona over USC and they covered.
  • Notre Dame absolutely handed Lousiville their asses. 90 to 57 against the #5 team in the nation. Are you kidding me? Good call on that pick Josh. I think you were safe on this one 5 minutes into the game when Louisville just walked off the court and let Notre Dame run practice layups. 33 points is ridiculous.

For the NBA, Josh was 1 of 3 in win picks and 1 of 3 in spreads. Meh, tough day of picks to be honest. Overall, he was 3 of 6 in win picks and 3 of 6 in spread picks. Nothing too bad. Thanks to Josh for guest-blogging and we’ll see if he makes it back here in the future. To everyone else, see ya after the All-Star weekend! Oh, and did you guys see TO’s alley-oop dunk today in the celebrity game? Clean.


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