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NBA: 83 of 126 wins. 66 of 126 spreads.
Overall: 103 of 156 wins. 81 of 156 spreads.

Yesterday’s recap:

  • I thought that the 76ers would crush the Grizzlies. They won, but only by 4.
  • I assumed that the Magic would destroy yesterday and they actually lost for once. The Nuggets are a damn good team though, so if they had to at least it was respectable.
  • In crap vs. crap I picked the Bobcats to destroy the Wizards and they did. Woo.
  • The Cavaliers won and definitely covered against the Suns.
  • My given win of the day ended up losing by 2. Boo Spurs for making me look bad.
  • The Pistons lost by 4 to the Hawks. I’m not sure what AI’s status was because I didn’t watch the game, but I picked the Pistons to win and I have to live with that.
  • The Bucks won and covered against the Pacers.
  • My “Celtics win.” pick was right. They demolished the Hornets.
  • The Rockets beat the Kings by 12 on a 14 point spread (that later dropped to 13½). Luckily, I didn’t trust that game, but I lost my spread pick on the game by 2 points. Close one.
  • I knew the Lakers would be tired, Kobe was sick, and the Jazz are good at home. However, I thought they could win. They were basically handed the damn game around 4 times in the 4th quarter and they couldn’t capitalize, even when Utah decided that made free throws were for chumps in the 4th quarter.
  • The Trail Blazers won and covered a 12 point spread. Nice.
  • I picked the Knicks to beat the Clippers as underdogs. They tied, went to overtime and lost by 4 on a 5 point spread. I lost the win pick, but got the spread pick.

Overall, I was 7 of 12 on win picks and 5 for 12 on spreads. In site news, I’m taking a day break on picks today and letting Josh from my other blog, A Fifth of Vapor, take over picks for the day. I’m not adding his to my running tally because they aren’t mine and frankly, glancing at them is confusing to me. Different formatting. Whatever, decipher them as you will. Here’s Josh:

So Kobe pulled out Sam Cassell’s “I’ve Got Big Cajones” dance last night against the Jazz again, and the Lakers ended up losing. This is funny because the same exact thing happened earlier in the year against the Spurs, with Roger Mason hitting a three point play to crush the Lakers in San Antonio. The Lakers are now 0-and-2 when Kobe pulls out the cajones dance. Maybe he should just keep it in his pants. Also, I can’t believe nobody remembers or mentions where this dance is from… the movie Major League! You got no marbles!

With that said… I am taking over the picks today and putting my “support” where my mouth is, with six picks. It’s a slow day for NBA games as most teams have already packed it in for the All Star Break, but there are six lucky teams that get to play today. Also, I picked some college games that I have some interest in. All my picks are based on the spread.


Miami Heat vs. Chicago Bulls (-4)

Dare I say Chicago is getting all their young talent playing more and more to their potential every night? Plus, I have to include a home team in these three picks. Bulls cover.

Boston Celtics (-3½) vs. Dallas Mavericks

This Mavs team has to realize there is a very realistic chance they will be the nine seed in the West at the end of the year. That kids, is not good enough to make the playoffs. Could their inconsistencies stem from having that reality breathing down their necks? With that said, PP, KG and Jesus will not let the Celtics lose going into the break, so I’m taking them to win and cover.

Portland Trailblazers (+3½) vs. Golden State Warriors

It took the Blazers a buzzer beater to beat a Knicks team at home that the Warriors just blew out on their own home floor. And you know what?… I don’t give a crap, it’s the Knicks, which pretty much throws that whole common opponent argument out the window. I think Biedrins’ absence in this game is huge and the Blazers end up winning. Well, unless Corey Maggette can get away with this again.


UCLA Bruins (-1½) vs. Arizona State Sun Devils

UCLA forgot how to shoot down the stretch last time these two teams played. Their offense has grown a bunch since then, so I pick UCLA to wash the stink away from the last time these two teams played with a win and cover.

USC Trojans vs. Arizona Wildcats (-2½)

Arizona is coming on strong in league play and I expect them to win and cover this.

Louisville Cardinals vs. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (+3½)

Notre Dame needs this game.. bad.. so I like their chances at home.


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